{ OWLZ Triumph! }

So, at the Orem OWLZ baseball game last night, Matt and I got picked to participate in an inter-inning, crowd-pleasing competition. The two of us went down on the field and we had to see who could draw the best likeness of the Orem OWLZ logo on a large piece of poster board within 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds were up, the crowd voted (via applause) on whose owl was better, and I TOTALLY creamed Matt! I'm pretty sure the crowd couldn't actually see either of our drawings becuase the markers we drew with were pretty thin, but I am totally OK with the victory. I'm not sure what my prize will be (seeing as they didn't have one secured by the sponsor at the time), but I was assured they would contact me and let me know as soon as they had it. I think they picture below is prize enough though.

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