Hiking Dry Creek

Now that the weather is warming up, Ty is on a major hiking kick, which I am totally loving. We decided to hit up Dry Creek Trail on Friday night for both our and Hank's enjoyment. We didn't get to the trail head until close to 7:30 p.m., and since we were sans headlamps, we made sure to keep it relatively short. But it was a great time. A STEEP great time.

Ty and I went around the first bend and realized we were totally isolated. "It's so quiet," I remarked. "Yeah," Ty agreed "It's like after the first turn you are completely alone." It was so so nice to feel like we were out of the city. And the view behind us of the valley was amazing. Hank ran around like a crazy dog, I did a little rock scrambling (you can spot me in the second picture down if you keep a keen eye), and we found a nice man to take our picture in front of the far-off Timpanogos mountain peak. A great night out with the boys. On the way home Ty indulged my request to get frozen yogurt (what a guy). And after we finished, it was very apparent that wasn't enough sustenance so we hit up Del Taco on the way home as well. Cause who doesn't want a post-hike chicken soft taco at 9 o'clock at night? Right? Right. That's what I thought too.

Happy weekend

Hi everyone. I'm really excited for this weekend because #1 -- it's starting with a hike tonight with Ty and Hank (a woohoo outdoors!), and #2 -- I am co-throwing a party for my soon-to-be-married amazing friend, Katy! Then Ty and I are hoping to make a tasty salmon dinner on Sunday and cross our fingers for sunny weather so we can eat it on the porch. So we've got a little bit of everything in there. I hope you all have great things planned too. Here are a few links to start it all off with a bang.

I am unsuccessfully trying to convince Ty that we need this bed.
If I had a larger laundry room, I would definitely put these drying racks up.
Sneak kisses are my favorite kind of kisses.
A friend made this bread the other day, and it was divine.
That's a powerful rainbow.
Is it disgusting that I kind of want to make this cake?
For the person who's serious about seriously slimming their wardrobe.
So in love with these sunglasses.

PS -- Don't forget today is the last day for Free National Parks week!
PPS -- Jcrew outlets are having their 50% off everything in the store again this weekend.

Alt J recap

I feel like Ty and I have been going to a ton of shows lately. The actual count is 3. We have been to 3 shows in the last 4 weeks (Sigur Ros, Joshua James and Alt J). Which I admit isn't a ton, but almost 1 a week is WAY more than I am used to.

We went to Alt J on Monday night, and while we were there I just kept thinking "this sounds just like the CD!" But in all actuality, it didn't. Playing the CD on the way home confirmed that it isn't the same at all. The show rocked hard, and a CD never shakes your insides like the base live. I even found myself inadvertently dancing to a few songs during the show. If you don't know Alt J, this is one of my favorites if you want to give it a listen. He gets that crazy guitar sound by tapping a roll of electrical tape on the strings.

PS - that picture up there is what you get when you take a photo under one of the lights along the outer edge of the show venue.

DIY: Bento tote

I haven't seen bento totes around much, but I'm telling you, you guys. I should. They're amazing. I made this bento tote for myself a few months ago after spotting some over here, and I've used it almost every day since. Love is definitely the appropriate word to use here. It makes for the best lunch sack, and I've used it to hold everything from snacks on a road trip to knitting supplies on my way to a craft night. I made a second one over the weekend, so I thought I would post a little tutorial on here just in case you are needing a handy tote in your life (cause really, who doesn't need one of those?). I made mine using some leftover bed ticking that I used at my wedding, and the whole project probably took me a little less than two hours.

STEP 1: Cut out two right triangles of fabric.

You want to cut out two equal sized right triangles of fabric. The larger your triangles, the larger your bag will be. My triangle edges measured 23 in. x 23 in. x 32.5 in., but I would have gone a bit larger if my fabric had permitted (bed ticking only measures 16.25 in. across). If you want the bag to measure a certain length across the bottom, you can employ a little math to help you work out the dimensions like so:

STEP 2: Sew the edges of each fabric piece to prevent fraying.
If you want to be fancy (and you are using a soft fabric) fold the edge of the fabric over (and iron) and then sew a nice hem all the way around each triangle. Or if you don't mind a raw edge like me, you can just go ahead and sew a line of thread about 1/8 of an inch in from the edge of the fabric all the way around to prevent fraying. I've emphasized where I put the thread line with a white dashed line in the photo.

STEP 3: Sew the triangles together.
And now we start the construction of the bag. Place one triangle on top of the other in a mirrored fashion, with the center of the triangles overlapping one another (as pictured). Attach the triangles by sewing a straight line down the center. Then, continue attaching the triangles by sewing down all the edges where the two pieces of fabric overlap. There should be no pockets. The two pieces will now function as one piece.

STEP 4: Sew up the sides, making sure to cut the bottom corners into angles.
This is where the bag is going to take its final shape. NOTE: I used a french seam as I sewed the bag into its final shape to keep a nice looking edge on the inside of the bag.

First, fold the large piece of sewn-together triangles in half (flip the bottom portion up over the top portion at the center seam, essentially) so you have the basic bag shape we will be creating. Make sure to match up the top tips of the fabric.

Second, pin if desired to keep everything in place while sewing.

Third, measure and mark approximately 3.25 inches up from the bottom corners and 3.25 inches in from the bottom corners to mark the edges of the angled corners on your finished bag. You can make the corners at whatever angle you want though, so feel free to adjust as you like.

Fourth, you are now going to sew up the sides of the bag. On the right side of the fabric, starting from one of the marks on the bottom of the bag, sew a straight line directly to the corresponding side mark on the same side of the bag. Then turn your fabric 45 degrees and sew straight up the edge of the bag through the upper tip of the fabric (sew your line off the fabric to complete the seam).

Fifth, repeat step four on the other side of the bag.

At this point you will have the bag in its basic form, but it will have two little floppy triangles on the bottom edges that you don't need; trim off that fabric and complete the french seam by flipping the bag inside out, ironing and sewing just on the outside the seams you made on the right side of the fabric.

Once you've finished the French seam on the wrong side of the fabric, turn the bento right side out, and admire that fine bag you just made! You're done. Enjoy your bento tote.

Happy weekend

Yay! Happy weekend, friends. I took the train to work this morning for the first time, and I tell you what -- it's a great time on that new frontrunner. I'm looking forward to taking it all this summer; saving gas, keeping miles off the car AND getting to ride my bike. Win win win. But back to weekend. You guys have anything fun planned? Today Ty is taking a final (1 down 1 to go) but tonight! Tonight Ty and I are heading up to Salt Lake to a friend's art show, then we are going to a Joshua James show. I've seen Joshua James perform a few times before, but I'm really looking forward to this show -- he's got some great new sounds. Then tomorrow I am going to a baby shower for one of my favorite people. I hope you have a great time with your plans! Hopefully you are somewhere warm so you can spend some time outside. Here are a few links to start out the weekend.

I love this wooded home.
Is anyone else obsessed with raw denim? I kinda want a pair one day.
Fashion overalls, yes or no?
Fruit illustrations.
Bring on summer!
Just started training for Ragnar. Don't worry, only 10 weeks behind schedule :)
I am loving this Katie Herzig song right now.

Sunday hike

As we've talked about before, Hank's exercise needs are a bit demanding. But it's usually at least partially remedied by a nice jaunt in the hills behind our house. So, as he was showing signs of boredom Sunday, I took Hank out for a hike, and it turned out to be kind of a sweet-sour experience. Sweet because of the beautiful sunny weather (a welcome change to the snow we are experiencing this week) but sour because of the creepy man who decided to stop as he was riding by on this dirt bike and ask me if I was okay (I was showing no signs of distress, mind you). "I am totally fine," I told him, and he continued to question me about a man who had been hollering about his dog a few minutes before. "I'm sure he's fine too," I said. And he road off. Creeped me right out. I've been listening to some podcasts lately that have me a little afraid of other human beings when I am alone in places that can't be seen from the road, so maybe I am just a bit paranoid. But still. Creepy. 

Real beauty

Ty just sent me this video that is part of Dove's well known Real Beauty campaign. You may remember this other eye-opening video they produced back in 2006. I love what Dove is doing and has been doing for the last 8 and a half years, and I like when companies use their money and efforts to help cultivate good. This short is a nice reminder on how skewed our perceptions of ourselves can be. Here's to opening our eyes a bit wider today and making sure we take in the whole beautiful picture of ourselves.


Happy weekend

Hi, Friday! So good to see you. Am I right or am I right  friends? This weekend should prove to be a really good one. Tonight Ty and I are heading to our favorite $3 theater to see Jack Reacher. Sunny, warm weather will greet us tomorrow. My sister and her husband are in town, so there is some market shopping in the plans (while the boys take a nice long bike ride). Then a big group lunch on Saturday. I hope you all have some fun things planned too! Or nothing at all, cause really, aren't those weekends the best?

I am kind of in love with this swimsuit.
And I love this coverup.
Now that's a fall.
Broccoli bouquet.
I want to start eating more vegetarian.
Pure beauty. And don't you just wanna rub his nose?
Who knew that butter commercial could be this? Such great marketing.
Just ordered these shower curtains that I have been lusting after for a couple years now (woohoo for sales!)


Sigur Ros recap

Hello! We are back from our weekend in Colorado. And what a wonderful weekend it was. When we usually visit family, I feel like we all have to be doing the same thing at the same time -- all 3 siblings and their kids and my parents. But not this weekend. This weekend, I woke up the morning after we arrived, and instead of some huge family breakfast I just made breakfast leisurely with my mom her kitchen. Then Ty, Lance and I hit up a local hiking spot with my niece (just the four of us and Hank). Followed by us heading down to Denver for the show (amazing, PS). Then Sunday we did have a big get together breakfast, but it was pleasant and nice and the only thing I think anyone felt necessary to do all together. It was such a treat just to go to Colorado and relax and get one-on-one time with my parents and niece. We need to make more trips like that; there's just something about feeling relaxed while you are on vacation, you know?

As for the show, you guys, SO worth it. Sigur Ros shows are a visual and audio spectacular. And is it weird that I cried when they played my favorite song? No? Okay good. I didn't think that made me a weirdo either. But seriously, I just couldn't help it. It just made me so...glad? Happy? Grateful? I'm not quite sure what exactly, but it definitely called for tears. I posted my favorite song of the night right up there. And here was my second. This one was Ty's favorite. How were your guys' weekends?

Happy weekend

So, no birthdays this weekend, but I kinda feel like it's my birthday cause we are heading to Colorado to see Sigur Ros! Whhhaaaaaaatttt! This will be my first time seeing them. I saw Jonsi there a few years back, and all truth be told, it was kind of life changing. Too dramatic? I didn't think so. I'm hoping Sigur Ros can live up.

Along with the show, we are planning on a rip roaring good time with the Schmidt's and possibly sneaking in a little bit of my church's general conference so I can see at least some of it live. I hope you have great plans that include crepes and pajamas and happiness! Here are a few links to start it all off:

Free National Parks Day is coming up April 22-26! Mark your calendars. Participating parks.
If I ever own a surfboard again, I wouldn't mind one of these board bags.
How to make coconut butter.
I'm adventurous, but I honestly have no desire. This on the other hand is right up my alley.
GoatSheep. Bear. Cow?
Perfect for backflips off the swing.
Keys genius.
Simple DIY trick for chic shelves.
Oh my adorable leather top.
Ellen pranks. These make my life.

A breakfast conversation

This conversation happened while I was dishing up breakfast for me and Ty yesterday.
Ty: What do people put on scrambled eggs?
Me: Ketchup or salsa.
Ty: Oh yeah, that sounds good. Give me some of that.
Me: Which one?
Ty: Either one. You pick.
Me: Okay.
Ty: But please pick salsa.

They say it's your birthday

One of my favorite things about life with Ty is how relaxed it is. He is a breath of chill-inducing fresh air, I tell you what. As evidenced by his no-fuss birthday plans on Saturday. We spent Ty's birthday exactly as expected (and as Ty requested). I managed to serve these for breakfast at Ty's request, and we ate them while cuddled up on the balcony sofa. We headed to a near-by canyon golf course and walked 9-holes in the breezy, sunny afternoon (it honestly was the PERFECT day for golfing). Then, after a celebratory vintage beverage toast, we finished off the day with a little shopping at our favorite mall downtown and a sushi dinner here.

As Ty and I were finishing off dinner, I asked how his birthday had gone, and he melted my heart right into a lovey puddle of goo when he said it was perfect because he got to spend the day with his best friend. So cheese balls, I know, but so perfect. Those are the kind of statements that make life great, right there. Oh how I love that man. And I am so looking forward to another exciting year of life together. Birthdays really are the best, you know. This girl (who also celebrated her birthday on Saturday!) summed up my feelings on them pretty well.