Guess where we just booked tickets to

We figured heading to Iceland this year was a good idea. Cause, I mean, really ... can that ever be a bad idea? I didn't think so.

You can see more cool photos of Iceland here.


On the way to work today, my carpoolmate and I talked about surfing for a good chunk of the ride. Coincidence in light of the photo I shared yesterday? I think not. I choose to believe it's a sign. A sign that it's time to move to the coast ... just as soon as Ty is done with school and I convince him San Diego is far superior to Portland.

When we move to Hawaii

We we move our little family to Hawaii (or San Diego...whatev, I'm easy), this will be me and Hank.


I packed this tasty lunch for myself this morning only to discover I have a company lunch to attend today. Looks like you will have to wait, my little homemade goodness.

In other good news, check out my new white Goodbyn! I have a dark grey one I was using, but I bought a second one so I could pack both Ty and I's lunches in them and save having to wash the billions of tupperware pieces I would send us with. Booyah!

Weekend in review

In short, we did the following:

1. Tinfoil dinners in the mountains behind our house (Hank came too).
2. I had my very first motocycle riding lesson (no stalls! booyah! My baby is an amazing teacher)
3. Planted the garden with my lovely friend, Gules (radishes, beets, purple carrots, orange carrots, broccoli, swiss chard, white eggplant, purple eggplant, lemon cucumber, regular cucumber, butternut squash, zucchini squash, cantaloupe, 8 tomato varieties, 6 pepper varieties, a sweet potato, and string beans.)
4. Picked up a killer old-man desk chair for $3 at a garage sale (I swear my dad has this very same chair when I was little).
5. Took the motorcycle down (I was on the back -- Ty was driving) to a little town south of Provo and saw Salmon FIshing in The Yemen; and also discovered that I look like an alien when I have my motorcycle helmet on (sorry for no picture on this one).

It was a nice summery weekend. Relaxing and still productive -- my favorite combination.

Bed head.

I had a hard time parting with my bed head this morning (see photo on left of my perfectly messy, fantastic top knot). There are some mornings I am just convinced that my bed head looks far better than anything my conscious self could do with my hair. And today was one of those mornings. "Of course this is classy enough for work," I tried to convince myself. But my professional self knew better. I ended up settling with taking a picture of it instead before hopping in the shower. The photo on the right shows what I ended up going to work like instead. Fine. That works too.