Happy weekend

Friends! Friday is here! Good Friday, nonetheless. I hope you all have some great Easter plans. Ty has finals starting today, with one scheduled for tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. (is that not the weirdest, most unfortunate time for a final? I'm so glad I'm done with school.) So good luck to Ty! I'm hoping to do some Easter Sunday prep and to put together a decent Easter meal, because by golly that's what a wife should do. Well, at least a wife of a food-loving husband like my husband. Who will have been taking finals for 2 days when Easter rolls around.

Here are some links to start it all off.

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33 breathtaking places to visit.
Mother's day cards. Snagged this one for my sweet mama.
The Street Shop. Such a cool idea to help clothe the homeless.
What a cute summer look.
Oh my cuteness.


If we are friends on Instagram or Facebook, you will know I was a part of Questival last Friday and Saturday (please accept my sincerest apologies for blowing up your feeds with our low-quality quest pics -- as evidenced below). Questival was a 26-hour adventure race meets scavenger hunt thrown by Cotopaxi, a new backpack and waterbottle company here in Utah that also does social giving. They did the Questival as part of their brand launch (brilliant) and it was a grip load of fun.

Our team of 4 (Me and my friends Lance, Katy, and Derek) slept 6 of the 26 hours, and the other 20 were spent rushing all along the Wasatch Front doing all sorts of adventures; everything from skiing a backcountry run to eating a hot dog with hot sauce in a hot tub wearing hot pants. We shook a mayor's hand. Took pictures with llamas. Camped in hammocks. Climbed outdoors. Hiked our little legs off. Yodeled in public. etc. etc. It was quite the whirlwind of random and awesome and weird. We ended with 515 points from everything we accomplished, but sadly didn't win (the winner racked up a whopping 620 and is headed on a free trip to Machu Picchu), but I think we did pretty great among the other 300 teams participating.

My brain keeps thinking and strategizing for next year, but when I realize it was part of a brand launch, I'm not quite sure there will actually be a next year. Let's keep our fingers crossed they have a 2nd Annual Questival come next April as part of a new product line launch or something.

A morning conversation

This morning, after my first night of semi-decent sleep in a week, Ty and I were chatting in bed and this was the conversation we had:

Ty: How'd you sleep babe?

Nicki: SO much better than I have been! It was so nice. I'm feeling way better.

Ty: Oh good!

Nicki: How'd you sleep?

Ty: ... :: glances sideways :: ...

Nicki: No good?

Ty: Well. I didn't fall asleep 'til 3:00 a.m. because you were snoring like crazy. But I didn't want to wake you up because I was so glad you were sleeping!

Heart melted.

And that, my friends, is love. I married such a good one.