And we sold our car

Hey friends. Sorry for going missing on Friday. I made an unexpected trip to Colorado to sell our car. Then I got food poisoning yesterday, which is a whole different story. But, back to the car. We've had it listed for the last bit, so it was exciting to find the perfect buyer, even if they were one state away.

I am usually not so keen on driving. Ty drives us everywhere. Which I love. Not that I'm not capable of driving, it's just nicer to sit in the passenger seat and knit or read, you know? So I was as surprised as anybody when I was actually excited to make the drive to Colorado on my own Friday. "This will be fun," I thought as I plopped myself and my small carry-on into the car. Wha? But it's true. So armed with a book on CD and a mound of podcasts, I was off. And in my family, making good time is a big deal, so I am also proud to announce I made excellent time. 6 hours and 45 minutes, and I even took time to stop for a sandwich. Not too shabby.

So everything went off without a hitch. Even buying an airplane ticket mere hours before my flight back to Utah. Which I have never done, but was actually kind of fun. And now I am back in Utah, one car lighter. Hope you all had non-whirlwind kind of weekends.

Anniversary weekend and Utah is beautiful

The blogpost wherein I declare Utah is just about the prettiest place you can be in the fall. Unequivocally, of course. I am sure there is a close second somewhere (Vermont maybe?), but Utah definitely takes the cake/ribbon/podium/cup on this one. These hues would floor you. Hunter orange, people. Bright fuchsia. The most vibrant of tennis ball yellows that, if you stare at it long enough, might even blind you. Pantone would kill for these colors.

The anniversary weekend was the perfect little getaway. Shopping was done. Golf was played. We stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast. We slept in. We went on the most incredible drive in the mountains (which is the most appropriate of fall activities, don't you think?). And I didn't have to cook a single meal. Or do a single dish for that matter (double bonus for Nicki!) 

And I realized on this weekend away that one day, I want to live in a  hotel. I mean, not literally, but, when Ty and I have a real house with a real master bedroom, it must without a doubt include a sitting area with a couch and a TV as well as an attached master bath. Cause it would feel just like living in a hotel. And that, friends, would feel great.

So here's to two years of Nicki and Ty! With an eternity to come. 

Happy weekend

Happy fall weekend, all! I would like to announce that we have had the air and heat off in the Clark house for 4 weeks now, and it's working out like peach pie. There's something about not paying to keep your house the right temperature that makes the world feel right, you know?

I'm fighting the dregs of a cold this weekend, so it looks like we are staying in most of our Friday and Saturday. I want to finish knitting up this cute hedgehog pattern I started a while back. How about you, anything fun? Hope it's a great one. Here are some things from around the web that caught my eye this week.

This woman recreated 15th century Flemish style portraits in an airplane lavatory. The neck pillow hat is my favorite.
Toast art.
The perfect subtle Halloween nails.
And some pretty foliaged pumpkins.
On my "to make" list for Christmas decor.
What a great way to top a pie.
In love with Jordan Ferney's Style Icon Halloween costumes.
Must try this one day.
Hammock bunk bed.
PS -- Jcrew is having an additional 30% off their Fall sale right now.

Happy weekend

Happy weekend, all! This weekend marks two years(!) since Ty and I tied the knot, so we are heading up to a bed and breakfast in the mountains to celebrate. Since, afterall, the mountains are where it's at in the fall. I think we might throw a little freezing golf and some shopping in there too. I hope you all have some great plans with loved ones going on.

Here are some links I put together for your perusing pleasure. Let the party begin!

Pride and Prejudice cookie cutters :)
Loving these stone soaps.
10 tips for managing noise in urban homes.
Creepy, old, homemade Halloween costumes.
This expedition looks incredible.
Holy cabbage.
Hah. My favorite wedding card.
Beautiful family trees.

Just look at those fall colors

Living in Utah comes with a lot of perks, not the least of which are the fall colors. Oh these fall colors, I tell you what. It's like the mountains just decide to up and put on a show for us every year. They pull out all the stops. Brilliant reds. Flaming yellows. Bursting oranges. And this weekend nature decided to add a little bit of snow frosting to top it all off. Well now, why don't you just go ahead and outdo yourself, Utah?

Ty and I make it a point every year to get up the canyon to enjoy the changing of the trees and bushes and whatnot. So, friday night we decided to have an impromptu bonfire up the canyon for date night. We grabbed the bundle of wood sitting in the garage, the hatchet, matches, camping chairs, jetboil and some soup+bread, then we plus Hank hightailed our way up the canyon. It was pretty spectacular. And we might have scored that absolute best bonfire spot up Provo Canyon.

Happy weekend

Hey friends. It's a quiet Friday over here at our house. Poor Hank has an ear infection, but we are giving him some home remedies and hoping he is on the mend. This weekend Ty and I will be watching our church's General Conference and doing a whole lotta lounging in between. I think I may whip up this for breakfast tomorrow to get us all snuggly and hunkered down to listen to our church leaders. I love being be buoyed up and directed by them.

I hope you all have some great plans of your own. If you wanted to give General Conference a listen, I highly recommend it.

Here are some fun links to start us all off.

What a cutie.
What a tasty looking fall salad.
And how about this mac and cheese, huh? Wowza.
Perfect jeans.
What a pretty fall nail color.
I have loved reading Sherlock Holmes in my down time.
Would love to give this a read. Have you ever seen Mr. Rogers' fantastic acceptance speech?
Arial view of Versaille.
In love with these moody photos.

The cutest prints from The Painted Arrow

The other night, my friend Angela introduced me to the cutest prints and card shop. The Painted Arrow is (wo)manned by a hairstylst/artist named Hillary who lives in Arizona with her husband and pup. I absolutely love the styling and messages of her prints, and I am not-so-secretly hoping to get this print for Christmas. I think any of the prints or cards could be great holiday gifts. And bonus, right now these four different prints are on sale for only $5.

Hillary also has a pretty cute blog if you wanted to take a looksy.

Fall wardrobe

Fall is here! Which means the AC is off and we get to sleep with the windows open. And isn't sleeping with the windows open just about one of the best joys in life? I mean honestly. Thank you fall for that little blessing.

Layering is a close second in the list of gifts fall so graciously bestows on us. It seems a bit backwards, but there really is just something about putting more clothes on that makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier. The third gift of fall is apple cider just in case you were wondering.

With fall wardrobing in full swing, here are a few fall-flavored things that have caught my eye lately. I may have already bought that striped skirt from Target; purchases of cute affordable skirts really can't be helped.

1. Faux leather baseball cap | Target
2. Flannel Boyshirt in Fence Plaid | Madewell
3. Knitted Tube Scarf and Patterned Scarf | H&M
4. Anouk Dress | Boden
5. St. Germain Coat | Boden
6. The Billie Boot in Suede | Madewell
7. CIAO Pullover Sweatshirt | Urban Outfitters
8. Wrapper Clutch | Stitch & Hammer
9. Striped skirt | Target