That's how Marie put it after I sent this to her the other day. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sent to me by Tyler, that awesome boyfriend who sends me amazing things that I like to share with you.

Bowen & goals

Murray Bowen, an American psychiatrist, is credited with coining the word differentiation, defined as a person's capacity to define his or her own life's goals and values apart from the pressures of those around them. Below is a list of attributes held by the fourth category of person. A great set of goals for functioning, I would say.


Bust out those scarves to your heart's content because these temps dipping into the 40s and this bitingly chilly air definitely warrant the declaration of skeeson (scarf+season=skeeson). Happy winter wardrobe-ing everyone.

Sequined cardigan

The other day I turned my sequined sweater into a sequined cardigan. One big slit right up the front. Best. Decision. Ever.

Needing new iphone/itouch wallpaper?

Have no fear, Poolga's got you covered. It's a site full of lovely wallpapers that talented designers and illustrators made just for you to have for free. Now how nice is that, huh?

On the road

Tyler and I have been hitting the open road these last couple weekends; once to the East to Colorado and once up North to Ogden. Both really great trips.

Collectively the wanderings garnered a Gregory Alan Isakov show (which was quite spectacular, might I add), some time with the Schmidts we all know and love, getting shakes with Tyler's grandfather, Elmo, and Elmo's wife, Iva Lou (Elmo and Iva Lou -- I can't get over how great that is), and scoring a sweet pair of camel-colored leather boat shoes for $6 at DI.  

Pictured above is the I 70 in route to Denver -- me and Ty took a few minutes out to take some pictures on the way. This particular part being deemed "the most beautiful stretch of highway" Tyler has ever seen in the continental US. A lack of other pictures can be attributed to my camera running out of battery way too early on both trips. Whoops. As soon as I get the pictures developed on the film camera, though, if any are post worthy, you'll see em.

Kind of endearing

How strangely sweet is this? Ohh love, you charming little person, you.

Utah in the fall

The Fall season around here might only last a few weeks, but it is most definitely my favorite. Me and Ty took a drive up American Fork Canyon through to Provo Canyon (aka the Alpine Loop) yesterday, and let me tell you it was definitely the perfect Fall day for it. Man, how is Utah so pretty all the time?

October is slow loris month

And I am so happy. Admittedly, he does look a little creepy up there, but I can't get enough of him. Three cheers for slow loris month -- I have been looking forward to you all year.

Bonus: You can see a slow loris being tickled here. 
Bonus Bonus: You can see other animal pictures the calendar photographer has taken here.

Sleeping on a portaledge

One day this will be me.

camping and climbing in maple

A group of us headed an hour and a bit south last weekend to camp and climb in maple canyon. A 20-hour trip filled with night-time-light-drawing pictures, camp breakfast burritos, climbing, napping and slacklining.  Wha bam.