Happy weekend

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun things planned for this pre-4th weekend. Ty and I are planning a dinner with family tonight and then a little garage sale-ing tomorrow. And this hot (I repeat HOT) weather has me thinking we need to seek out a slip and slide or something. I once slid a giant slip and slide all the way down a hill on the south side of my college campus while fully clothed -- now that was a treat. Here are a few links to kick it off.

I could live in this page of clothes (if I was a millionaire).
Beautiful blanket.
Been there!
So cute.
Loved the insight into the making of this cool Starbucks ad.
Cute little hummingbirds.
This striped (or polka dot) shower curtain is the answer to your affordable shower curtain needs.
One of my favorite feelings in the whole world.
Why we need a truck.
Pretty food.
Someone should have this as a wedding dress.
And, FYI, Madewell is having an additional 40% off sale items right now with the code EXTRAEXTRA.


Ragnar 2013

Running Ragnar Wasatch Back last year bit me like a little run-loving bug. So last week I piled into a suburban to happily run my little heart out again. Which is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. Did you know it is possible to enjoy running 12-21 miles in a 24 hour period while also sleeping in a van and eating solely PB&J sandwiches? I know. Me neither. But totally is. As evidenced by my smiling face in the photos above.

Not that I'm saying that the actual running parts were enjoyable (you should see my face in the pictures Greg snapped of me as I was finishing my runs). I'm not sure anyone enjoys the in-the-moment act of running. But the experience as a whole really shaped up to be a rip roaring good time, especially this year. Brandon told jokes the whole time. I ran into my BFF Lance. I got to sit in the middle seat in the suburban. Ty made sure I wore my running sunglasses so I didn't have to squint. All of my legs were on pavement. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win.

I ran with fellow workmates, and our car had this really great sense of camaraderie; you know, the kind of camaraderie that leads people to jump out of the car while their runner passes, and run along side them while they drink the water bottle they just handed them. And the kind where everyone is waiting for you at the end of each leg to congratulate you and hand you a snack. The boosting peaked when, during my last leg (6.1 miles downhill), Isaac leaned out the window as I passed the support car and told me I was doing an amazing job. I'm not sure my 10-minute-mile pace would really qualify as amazing, but it made that arduous last 2.5 miles much happier. "I am doing pretty good," I thought. "Even if I did just get passed by 2 people." NBD. All in all, as runner 4 I ran 14.6 miles. And the weird thing was that my favorite run by far was the hardest and longest one. Weird. I don't quite know how that works. But I do know that next year I want to be runner 6 -- 17.2 miles. I better start training now.

Goodbye, my travel bag

I have been staring at this bag on the back of my door for at least a year now knowing it was "time." Time for it to sadly find it's way out of my closet and into the garbage, I mean.

This bag has seen better days for sure. But I just didn't have the heart to let it leave until today. You see it smiling at you up there? It's top curved pocket just beaming up at you? That is one happy bag, right there. It's been to Italy. And France. And Ireland. And India. It's kept would-be theivers at bay with its array of hidden and hard-to-reach pockets. It's seen torrential rain storms and layovers. And not to mention the millions of bike rides it's been on. That bag has discovered the world with me. And it's seen me through even discovering myself a little bit. Sure its faux leather is bubbling and tearing at the top, and it's missing a few zipper pulls. But that's life showing through, right there. I once had a pair of brown suede flats that I LOVED. Smitten might even be an appropriate word here. They were my first pair of ballet flats, and I'm pretty sure I wore them every single day (including in Europe) for at least two years. When the time came to retire them, I walked into Nordstrom wearing the then-beraggled shoes and marched myself into the shoe department. 

"Can I help you?" the kind older woman attendant said. 

"Yes," I responded, "I need a new pair of flats to replace these ones." I pointed to my feet. "But don't look at my feet too hard," I hurried along, "It's embarrassing how long I have waited to get new shoes." I smiled awkwardly, trying to shield my feet a little with outstretched hands. 

"Oh honey," she said sweetly, "Those aren't worn. They're just well loved." 

And it made me feel great. 

And so it is with the shoes and my first-ever travel bag. Sure you show some good old signs of wear and tear, but there are also a whole lotta signs of love in there. Thanks for be such a great travel companion all these years, and never losing my passport or my wallet or my schedule or my chapstick. That was really really great of you.

Shooting and fireworks

It seems we had a weekend full of explosions over here. The good kind. It started off Saturday afternoon with a little shotgun shooting out on a friend's farm, where I actually managed to hit some flying clays ::applause:: We shot handguns too, but let's just forget all about that part since I couldn't hit a target to save my life.

And then Saturday night Ty and I caught some fireworks in our neighboring city. We left for the festivities a bit late, but since we were on the motorcycle Ty successfully bobbed and weaved in and out of cars and police barricades to get us to the most amazing firework viewing spot, I tell you what. We nuzzled ourselves onto a piece of ground almost directly below the launching site, and the blasts were so big and so close, I literally had to turn my head to see them all. Amazing. I had kinda been in one of the crumbiest, grumpiest, you-leave-me-alone-and-I'll-leave-you-alone kind of moods all day (the worst), but cuddling with my husband and watching those fireworks really did a good job to turn my whole frown upside down, if you know what I mean. It was a wonderful night. There's just something perfect about a summer night and being outside with my favorite people that just can't be beat. Summer nights get two huge thumbs up in my book.

Happy weekend

Hip hip for Friday! Another speedy week over in these parts. I swear -- summer hits and there is always something going on; something to do, somewhere to hike, someone to visit with. Time seems to be gone in the blink of an eye. Ty and I don't have too many things set for the weekend (camping maybe?). But tomorrow we are going to go shooting and picnic with a couple sweet friends we don't get to see very often -- I'm looking forward to some catch up time. Hope you have something amazing planned! Here are some links to get the ball rolling.

How beautiful is this house?
What you trying to get, bud?
Imma try this cardio sandwich workout.
And imma throw this Scientific 7-minute Workout in there too.
So tender.
Definitely on the must experience list.
As well as this.
Lusting after this lovely necklace.
The light in this photo is killing me with how beautiful it is.
Tiny garage home -- 250 sq. feet.
National Georgaphic's enthralling tumblr (I'm a sucker for historical photos)
oh. my. gosh.
My future stationary.

Guest Post: Book Club

Hey friends. If you wanna read about my favorite book, I'm guest posting over on Club Narwhal today.  Thank you Amy Lee Scott for letting me be a part of your seriously superb blog.


Very Jane giveaway

My sweet friend Jess is giving away a $25 voucher to Very Jane over on her blog today. Pop by and enter!

Summer wardrobe

With warm weather here to stay, my summer wardrobe is in full swing, and I have been itching to add a few new pieces into rotation. Here are a some that have been catching my eye.

1. Jcrew Stripe Bandeau Tank suit $64.99 (additional 30% off with code SUMMERTIME)
2. Jcrew Multistripe Rash Guard $49.99 (additional 30% off with code SUMMERTIME)
3. Madewell Hepcat Shades $46.50
4. Jcrew Lemlem Hilansha Smock Shirt $148 (additional 30% off with code SUMMERTIME)
5. Boden Gingham Shirt Dress $54.60
6. Soludos Linen Derby Flats $55
7. Madewell Perfect Chambray Ex-boyfriend Shirt $69.50
8. Everlane Women's Summer Sandal $105

Home sick

I woke up Saturday with a dry, scratchy throat. You know the kind I'm talking about. When it feels like you have swallowed a desert, cactus and all, and your red parched throat isn't having it. That was my throat Saturday morning. It wouldn't even let me sip water without pain, I tell you. It's always like this though -- this is how my colds show themselves. Disgustingly parched throats and stuffed runny noses and sinus pressure that makes me feel like I can barely open my eyes. Grogginess at it's best. Usually I don't get sick, but I haven't been as fortunate lately. I didn't let it ruin Saturday, but in an effort to avoid public confined spaces (and transmit said horrific desert throat), I've spent most of today camped out in the living room with Hank, listening to various talks and taking care of some flyers I needed to design. I'm sure there will be a nap or two before bed time as well, and possibly catching up on a couple episodes of Downton Abbey.

Also, I turned on this song this afternoon, and Ty started singing along. He knew all the words. I had never heard it before. "Come on babe, you know this song!" he said, in between his bouting off the lyrics. Love that man.

Happy weekend

Yay Friday! Hope you guys have some great things going on over there this weekend. Ty and I have an outdoor concert and another soccer game on the docket, so it should be a nice weekend outdoors. I feel like this is the best time of summer here in Utah -- when things aren't too hot yet, and the evenings are perfect for dinner parties on the patio and hammocking in the park. Happy weekend to you -- here are a few links to get you started.

Love this kid's quick thinking.
I've never been one for the desert, but these pictures of Joshua Tree are beautiful.
The simplicity of this baby room makes me want to throw out everything unnecessary in our house.
Forever a goal. Angela? Katy? Portaledge sleeping? You in?
We are so little.
Check out the stair drawers in this house.
Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
Loving these mesh weave bags with leather handles for farmers markets.
Wanting this portfolio bag.
Mountain meadow.
My favorite from the new National album.
If you need any expensive gear, REI outlet is offering an additional 20% off one item today.

A BBQ and soccer game

Turns out the demolition derby was sold out Friday night (whaw whaw), so instead we headed up the canyon for a BBQ with some friends, and it was just about the best idea we've ever had. Seriously. I'm not sure what made it such a great night, but I couldn't help feeling like it was the perfect night. Frisbie was played with Hank. We had a feast of veggie skewers, meat, grilled seasoned corn, grilled pineapple, salad and a slew of snacks. We put up the slackline, and everyone had a go. Hank stole his very first piece of people food off someone's plate (for the record, it was a hot dog from one of our neighboring BBQ-ers, and I snatched it away from him before he could enhale it). It was a very eventful evening. And the people. THE PEOPLE! It was a bag full of smiles and laughs all night long. I tell you, we have the greatest friends. One by one we have joined up over the last few years and formed the best group of fun-havers I ever did know. The perfect night.

After a nice night's rest Friday, Saturday morning greeted us with a sleepy morning trip to the grocery store for doughnuts followed by a sun-filled, tree-lined drive up the canyon (lazy morning? Yes.) But honestly, I live for those types of mornings. I didn't even shower until 6pm (gross? Of course not.) Ty and I just slouched out of the house after barely clothing ourselves and felt absolutely no rush to be anywhere or do anything. We followed the canyon, doughnuts in hand, as far as we could go before it started descending back down into the neighboring canyon. We made sure to explore a side road in search of the best camping spots for later on this summer, and we stood for a nice long while at the top before heading down. Windows down. Sunroof open. At our leisure. All Saturdays should start this way.

That good bout of relaxing called for few productive hours around the house after we returned (truck horns don't fix themselves, after all), then we headed up to the REAL soccer game where we were greeted with not only a tasty dinner, but a dessert cart that even Betty Crocker herself would have been jealous of. Plus REAL won. Fabulous.