I've been on many a snowshoeing adventure before, but never have they involved a swing or hammock until last Saturday.

After taking in the BYU basketball game, Ty and I headed up Provo Canyon to take advantage of the freshly fallen snow. A few snowfields later we found ourselves lounging in a strategically placed hammock, staring up at the tree scape above, a light snow falling on our faces; talk about idyllic. We hit up a not-as-strategically-placed, but-still-enjoyable swing about 50 meters later, then hiked our little buns back to the car through some pretty sweet fresh powder. A Saturday afternoon well spent, I say.

modest dresses

Modest dresses are hard to come by, so when I came across these it was kind of like finding gold for me. I think they are so perfectly retro beautiful. And chic. And way lovely. And sadly out of my price range right now. But the giveaway over at the daybook at least gives me a chance.

i'm so down

Napes Needle with Leo Houlding from Matt Pycroft on Vimeo.

$2 thrifted leather bag

Ty and I were supposed to head up to a friend's cabin this weekend to have mountains upon mountains of fun in the snow, but sadly I came down with the sickness on Friday so we opted to stay home. Bummer.  But in lieu of cabin fun we got to watch the NBA All Star weekend and we scored the above rad leather bag for $2 at DI for Ty. Boom baby. If you gotta get sick, getting a sweet, long-searched-for leather bag for $2 is a nice way to feel better about it. With a little polish this baby will be looking amazing.

a little more than positive

Why be positive when you can be totally enthusiastic?

watercolor animals

I'm not sure if this book would give children a bad impression of what animals actually look like, but I enjoyed the watercolor depictions nonetheless.

must buy boy shoes soon.

Found here.

i'm liking the things this woman is saying

And I'm liking them for a lot of reasons. She talks about collaborative consumption, which seems to me to enforce a lot of ideas I really like: increasing connectivity between people, encouraging honesty, reducing waste, discouraging selfishness. It's worth a listen if you have an ear for 15 minutes.

SIDE NOTE: the trip to colorado to see my dad was great. He's a trooper for sure. I have a few pictures which may or may not make it up here, but I wanted to throw in the update nonetheless. Hopefully those doctors working with him figure out what's going on with those legs of his soon.

to colorado

My cute dad has been battling with an unknown illness that is causing his thigh muscles to atrophy, so Ty and I (that correct pronoun usage is for you, Ty) are going to visit him in a hospital in Colorado this weekend, as well as spend some nice family time with the rest of the gang. NOTE: Did you know everyone in my family besides me and my brother+his family live within 20 miles of each other in Colorado? ok, good. just wanted to be sure. So, off we go. Pictures to come.

express yourself

You know, with valentine's day only four days away, maybe it's time you tell someone how you really feel? Hmmm?

i would really like to win of these bags. Like really a lot. Which is great news because there is a giveaway here (at seesaw), and I am planning on winning. You can enter too. And if you win, I would really like that bag for my birthday.

laptop cover

A few days ago I finished this laptop cover (that has been in progress for far too long) for my friend Galen. The only problem is, it doesn't fit Galen's laptop. It fits my laptop. Which is 4 inches smaller than his laptop. So, looks like I have a new laptop cover. And a new crafting project to do.

times two

Ok, alright. Fine. I posted one today already, but I love this one too. Fine.
Local Natives | Who Knows Who Cares | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

put your mind at ease

I loved this song enough to steal it from my friend Patricia's blog and post it on both facebook as song of the day as well as here. Hope you enjoy too.
Doe Bay Fest 2010 - The Fruit Bats from More Dust Than Digital on Vimeo.

the skeleton

Yesterday me and Ty headed up to Park City to take in the Jr. World Championship Skeleton Competition. It was freaking freezing, so we weren't there for too long, but what we saw was rad. Those guys (and gals) are crazy. The average speed they headed down the luge was nearly 80mph, and their face was about two inches from the ice.

As an interesting aside, in stake conference today we had one of the men who helped plan the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics (Elder Fraser Bullock, Area Authority 70) speak to us. He told about how he had wanted to experience the olympics from the athletes perspective when he was helping plan them so he gave the skeleton a try. Three times that man went down the luge; the first time merely fighting for survival, holding on like a sack of potatoes to his sled and ricocheting off the sides of the track like a mad man, then the second and third times actually looking forward and steering with his body weight (much more successful, he said). He likened it unto actually making plans and participating in charting our courses in life rather than just being bombarded everyday with the stuff that comes our way. An excellent analogy and lesson in my opinion.

I thought the back-to-back days of skeleton exposure was noteworthy. A skeleton-filled weekend for sure. On another note, I really love living so close to rad places like Park City that host things like the world championships of this and that for free for anyone who wants to come watch. So rad.

guess who got into BYU for Fall

That's right. Ty did. Going back to school in the Fall to become an engineer or something else smart like that. Tight.

Darth vs VW

Who loves this? I love this.

just in case you're having a rough day

I thought it was a nice reminder today. Found here.

desktop wallpapers. beautiful ones.

Just for you. Here.

cutest concept juice box ever

Found here. I really hope these go into production someday.