We hate kidney stones

And even more specifically, we hate the kidney stone in Ty's body right now, causing him all sorts of ridiculous amounts of pain. As we were waiting to see the urologist today, Ty broke out into a sweat because of the intense hurting. Talk about no bueno. This is trip number 3 to the hospital for this single little pest within the last month. So, we've decided we're not playing nice anymore. If it's not gonna come out nice on it's own, we're going in to blast it. Surgery in T-minus 20 minutes. Wish us luck, folks. I can't seem to upload a photo from my iPhone, so, picture of Ty in his cute purple hospital gown to come.

Update: Surgery went great. Ty is at home resting his bod today and should be tip top by the weekend.

Wedding portraits

So, obviously Ty and I are going to take portraits on the day of our wedding, but I'm not sure they will ever compare with these drawn ones by the niece and nephew. I got the following drawings along with an email from my brother this morning. His email went as follows:

There's a saying to the effect that a person is judged by who does their portrait. This (attached) was the best I could muster. In case it's not clear... Nicki is rendered in a purple wedding dress by Anza and Tyler is naked and blue by Mojave.


Wedding hub bub

These snapshots from around my home last night represent the company I kept while Ty was out shotgun shooting with some of our man friends. Fabrics waiting to become table coverings. Ty's wedding suit hanging in the closet. Feather boutonnieres awaiting a ribbon detail. The little whisperings of impending wedding (and small reminders of my short to-do list) make me so so happy. One week, people. One week. So excited.