anatomy of a bicycle

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merry christmas everyone

This is what Christmas looks like at my house this year. There's a lighted garland going up the stairs too, and I put up cafe lights last night for a Christmas dinner party, but the tree is the most festive (and only pictured) part.

Me and Ty are headed to Portland for the holiday tomorrow morning. Fun with the Clark's for Christmas this year -- I'm pumped. I've never not spent Christmas with my family before, but I think it'll work out OK. I sent gifts with tags featuring all the commentary I would offer if I were there anyway. Here's to a happy holiday in the pacific northwest -- pictures to come.

perfect table setting

I would deem this the closest I have ever seen to an ideal place setting; not too complicated, raw fabrics, real flora, muted tones. Kinda pretty, huh?

loop scarf conversion

Sometimes/all the time I can't handle the scarf tails on normal scarves; they just look weird dangling out of the scarf like they naturally tend to do. Most days I end up stuffing them into the rounded end of the scarf after putting it on, but that gets troublesome after a while, which is where the loop scarf conversion comes in.

As I was sporting this black scarf the other day, I decided it was time to get rid of the tails. So, I busted out my crochet hook and a few inches of black yarn and BAM! Loop scarf two minutes later. Now all I have to do is wrap it around my little neck twice and let it look good while keeping me warm all day long without any fuss; now that's my kind of scarf.

seattle thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Seattle this year was pretty chill (as illustrated in the photos above). We spent a majority of the time swimming with kids, reading books to kids, playing games with kids and enjoying time with the fam; a lovely holiday in my book. Me and Ty also took a walking field trip to the store to grab some last-minute necessities for Thanksgiving dinner (we had BBQ spare ribs this year), and we had a jam session with my brother and his wife. Not too shabby for 3 and a half days in Seattle.