Tulip festival

Yesterday Ty and I hit up the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. For the last few years I have wanted to go, but never gotten a chance. Now, it's done. I did done done it. Me and Ty tried to tour the gardens at the speed of awesome on Segways, but sadly they were already rented out; we saw the renters just mounting their steads as we walked out the doors into the gardens and realized we missed our rental opportunity by mere minutes. Minutes, friends! Sad. Next time we will be speedier. Also next time I will remember to take more pictures; possibly even some that actually have Ty and I in them.


Growing up, I had a wisteria plant (gifted from my grandmother to my mom) covering the awning over the back patio of my house, and every spring lovely purple bunches of flowers resembling grape bunches would cascade through the latice work. For the longest time I thought my backyard in Huntington Beach was the only place wisteria grew. It wasn't until I also saw it at the Palace of Versailles in France that I realized it wasn't native to my yard. I came across this photo (as shown above) of wisteria in Normandy today, and my thoughts turned back to childhood. One day I would like to have that bountiful plant in my yard so my family can enjoy it like I did growing up. So, subsequently, one day I would also like to have a yard rather than just a teensie patio. Good goal-making session everyone.

I don't paint my nails very often

But when I do paint my nails, my hands end up feeling much more feminine and happy than when they are not painted.

Note: Don't be fooled by the bad lighting in the photo. My nails are chubby cheeks by Essie (which looks really similar to a salmon color), not bright orange.

Lexiconical warfare

The ultimate dog fighting.
Ty Sent me this today with the accompanying text:
"SOOO PERFECT.  Your 2 favorites battling it out in a lexiconical war."
Awesome. (click to image enlarge) 

Bill Cunningham Film

This film is coming to SLC starting June 24th, and I'm so excited. I saw the trailer a while back and have wanted to see it since; so when I scrolled down the "Where to see the Film" page on the Bill Cunningham Movie site, I was ecstatic to see it was coming to Utah. If you want to come with, give me a shout out.

Dear Bill Cunningham, I'm glad to get to see your documentary; you seem like a very interesting man.

little kids in little cardigans

These eensie people in eensie cardigans are killing me with cuteness this morning. Is it weird to post someone else's kids on your blog? No? Ok good.

house additions

Over the last little bit I've made a few improvements around the house.

Improvement #1  A sisal rug that runs the length of the kitchen; definitely not traditional, but I can't get over how much I love having it run down the entire floor in the kitchen -- it just makes it feel so much more cozy. Love.

Improvement #2  A patio love seat! I have been craving proper patio furniture since I bought my house a year and a half ago, and today I purchased that lovely little guy at Target during my lunch hour. Funny enough, a year ago I wanted to buy the same mini sofa but due to Target not having it in stock along with my lack of motivation to call around and find one, I never actually purchased it. I have been kicking myself ever since. So, upon seeing it at Target today, it took all of 30 seconds to decide that it (along with its sale price and those cute decorative pillows) were totally coming home with me today. Cha ching! Now the weather just needs to warm up so I can get it out of my living room and break that bad boy in.

I created that logo

My incredibly wonderful, lovely, talented, photographer friend Megan Ruth Stay was featured on Ruffled today for a wedding she recently shot in Las Vegas. Which, in and of itself, is completely rad. And, to add more radness right on top, she and I just recently finished making her a killer logo and brand design so when you pop over to her photography site, BAM! Nicki Schmidt logo design right on the front! So fun. 

Congrats on your feature, Meg -- the photos look so wonderful. And thank you so much for letting me be a part of your brand development. You're such a babe.