Alpine Loop by Moto

I think Ty and me taking a trip through the Alpine Loop during the fall may become a tradition. We are kind of mountainy, fall people at heart anyway, so it's only fitting. This marks year two of the tradition. Last year we took this drive in the soob. This year we opted for the fresh, wind-in-your face option of the moto (a wonderful choice, might I add).  It rained a little, but it was no match for our enjoyment of the fresh fall air and lovely patches of brightly colored leaves. I definitely like me some motorbiking;  my baby sure knows how to show his lady a good time.

We hit the loop after meeting with our wedding coordinator in the early afternoon. People, Ty and I are now only three and a bit weeks away from celebrating our marriage in these very same mountains! Eeeek! Craziness.

Coveting my own jewelery

Yesterday Ty and I stopped by the garage he is currently storing some of his things in to pick up a jacket. As he was scrounging around toward the front of his belongings, I noticed a beautiful, carved wooden box sitting in a shoe box next to him. "That's a really pretty box," I commented, pointing to the box as he was rummaging around near it. To which Ty responded by picking the box up and opening it to reveal a pile of beautiful, jeweled chains laying inside. Wwwhhhaaaa??!! Turns out it was a would-be Christmas present for me that was never realized. Ty had bought the chains to make me some jewelery,  and the box to give the pieces to me in, but wasn't pleased with anything he had made...

I reached over and pulled out one of the necklaces. :: gasp :: It was absolutely beautiful, you guys.  Beautiful. Who is this guy I'm marrying? Smart, funny, handsome, sweet AND he has style enough to make me incredible jewelery and freaking deem it not worthy to give to me?! Oh my goodness.

"I want to put this on right now!" I exclaimed holding it up to my neck. I was excited. I was ecstatic. I was totally infatuated. And I was promptly told no. Deflated.

"But it's so beautiful!" I protested, "Pleeeeeaaaaase?" I pulled out the puppy dog eyes and looked at him longingly, clenching the necklace. No doin'. He wouldn't budge.

"We will take a night and finish these for you after we're married," he told me, which simply translated in my brain to "No beautiful, hand-made-with-love necklace for you right now." I sputtered for a minute trying to think of a good argument, but finally relented. I placed the necklace back in the box and my heart sank a little. Looks like I will have to covet my own jewelery for a little while (three weeks and six days to be exact, friends!) before I can actually call it my own. Booger.

Smith Morehouse Camping Trip

This was my conversation with Ty from this evening.

Ty: You never blog about us anymore.
Me: I've been kind of busy.
Ty: Doing what?
Me: Planning our wedding. Kissing you. Making dinner. Cleaning the house.
Ty: That's a lot of stuff.
 Me: ...

That's right. It is a lot of stuff. But, not too much that I didn't get on my computer and get this post going. BOOM. Admittedly, these photos have been open in photoshop on my computer for the last two weeks, so it was about time. So, on with the post...

The images above (beautiful, right?) are from a camping trip Ty and I took a couple weeks ago with some friends out at Smith Morehouse Reservoir. Located in the Oakley mountains, this place is super lovely. Camp sites book out months in advance, and for good reason. I'd never been there before, but upon arrival I could see why it's such a sought-after camp ground; the campsites are clean, secluded from one another, include a picnic table and fire ring, have plenty of trees of hammock hanging, are equipped with bathroom facilities and there is a cute ranger (with a cute dog) who drives around offering help several times throughout the day. Can't beat that.

Ty and I brought kayaks (one of our favorite activities) to enjoy on the reservoir. It was kind of a feat to get them transported on the top of my Subaru, but we did it. So worth it. Man I love kayaking. A thoroughly enjoyable mini camping trip. We definitely plan on returning.

Matchy matchy

Last week Ty and I met up at Ikea for dinner with my family wearing this. Now, I know what you're thinking. You are thinking "But Nicki! How is this possible?! Surely you and Ty must have matched on purpose." But no friends. No. Coming from different places, Ty and I pulled this matching feat off sans effort. If this doesn't show we are going to be happy together forever, I don't know what does.