It's so cold

Maybe it's just the Januarys talking, but I am freezing. all. the. time. All I can dream about lately are these cashmere sweats and this hot carmel apple cider. forever. Honestly, how heavenly do cashmere sweats sound? They are the price of a large area rug, but something tells me they are worth every single penny. And as I slipped my freezing little icicle legs into them, I'm pretty sure all my worries would vanish. And world peace would happen. Cause honestly.

Once upon a time while I was in college, I wanted to get my hair done but I had no money, so I decided to sell some plasma. It was a brilliant idea. I drove myself to the plasma center, got all tested and hooked up to their fancy blood cycling machine, and then I promptly passed out. Two words -- light weight. So. I'm thinking I might need to come up with a better plan this time to get me those pants. Cause if anything is gonna get me through this winter, it's cashmere. And apple cider.

Zion: Observation Point and the Narrows

While we were in Zion this last weekend, my friend posed the question of what our favorite National Park was. I haven't been to many, so I felt too inadequate to answer. But I will tell you this. I love Zion. It's beautiful, even at first glance. And as you work for the views, it is SO GOOD. So so good, friends. Maybe it's just me, but red rock seriously blows my socks off.

Observation Point was a first for me this trip. At 4 miles each way, winding its way to the tippy top mesas in the park, it was no picnic. But man, was it breathtaking. Slotty canyons. Grand overlooks. Craggy chasms. It had it all. And it feels good to work hard for something like that. Like, real good. Like, great. Don't you think? Hard work just sits happy deep down in your bones. And when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel like you've really earned it. "Great work, self," you think while you doze off to dream land. And even your less than graceful movements the next day make you feel like a champion. That's Observation Point.

We also hit up Canyon Overlook trail this time. I kid you not when I say it is the best 1-mile, 15-minute hike of your life. It's the view pictured at the top of this post. Go ahead and scroll up and meet me back here... See? I know, right?

The Narrows, as always, was amazing. Albeit pretty stinking freezing (hello 40 degree water!). But there is something completely novel about hiking waist deep in the wet while staying dry as a bone from your ankles up. If you get the chance to drysuit the Narrows in the winter, I say go for it. But be sure to remember your warmest warmest gloves. And a beanie. Those are very important.

Happy weekend

Hey everyone! I hope you have some great plans this weekend.

Ty and I are heading to Zion National Park and will be hiking The Narrows in drysuits! My first time in a drysuit, so it should be memorable. What about you? Anything fun? I hope so. I really really do.

Here are some links to kick it all off.

Keeping it classy.
Time well spent, IMHO.
Steven Alan designed a line for West Elm. Love that bedding.
What a pretty clothing line.
How handy are these? (way more packable than long roasters) Buy them here.
Well aren't these lovely?
Colorful knit hats.
This DIY salad dressing is super yum (in case you missed it on my instagram)

Snowshoeing kind of weekend

Saturday morning, Ty, Hank, and I rose bright and early (9:00 counts as bright and early, right?) to get us some snowshoeing in. We headed up Provo Canyon, just past Sundance, and did the Timpanogos Falls trail (the same trail Katy and I hiked last summer). Starting the day in nature really makes the whole weekend better, I think. If I could start all my weekends like this, I would.

The off-trail powder on this trip was certainly enough to make anyone smile. Especially Hank. That dog, I tell you, is in complete smit with the snow. Utter and complete smit. And he runs, like a maniac, the entire time he's in it. So, tired dog + fun in the mountains + first snowshoe of the season all added up to one stellar Saturday. Hope you all had a great one too.

And now a picture of me sans makeup.

Happy weekend

Whoa! It's Friday already! Where did the week go? Cah-razy. But really, this is great news. I mean, who is sad about Fridays? No one. Definitely no one. You guys have anything fun planned?

I think Ty and I are going to hit up this movie. And probably do a little bit of snowshoeing thanks to all this fresh powder mother nature blessed us with this week (um, hello!). Here are some links to get it all kicked off.

I would be SO SCARED to swim here.
Ty and I always talk about staying at Lake Louise.
Love this wrapping with a photo tucked in.
In love with Janet Hill's paintings (and so affordable).
7 hikes for every woman.
I know what we are making on Valentine's Day.
The Milky Way takes my breath away.
Even with the best intentions, you have to DO.

Birthday crown for grown ups

My sweet 25-year-old niece wanted to make a birthday crown for one of her friends earlier this week, but all printable ones online seemed a little kiddish. I whipped this grown-up one up so her friend wouldn't be forced to don a princess themed birthday crown as they partied the night away. I've posted a downloadable link below just in case anyone else is in need. It prints on an 8.5 x 11 in. piece of card stock. And with a little exacto knife work and a headband, you will have yourself a crown.

The stars

I came across this, and it was too good not to share.

“Ralph Waldo Emerson once asked what we would do if the stars only came out once every thousand years. No one would sleep that night, of course. The world would become religious overnight. We would be ecstatic, delirious, made rapturous by the glory of God. Instead the stars come out every night, and we watch television.” – Paul Hawken

Happy weekend

Hey everyone. Happy weekend! Can you believe it's Friday already? I think that whole New Years holiday really made this week tip top. I could do that every week -- two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off. It just makes the whole week a whole lot better.

But moving on. Let's start this week off with a confession: my husband has a better sense for fashion than I do. If he dressed me every day, I would end up looking classy, smooth and refined. But when I dress myself every day, without any influence from him, I often end up looking like a bag lady. So, if you ever have an interview or important date and you need some clothes advice, you should give my husband a call.

This weekend we have a whole lot of nothing planned. The Clark household isn't 100% healthy right now, and Ty especially has been in and out of health the last week or so. So sleep is probably the best thing we could have going on. And, per the usual, I will likely take Hank on a hike, so he doesn't go puppy crazy. And with all this resting going on, I may just start knitting me a matching beanie like Ty's with our wool yarn we snagged in Iceland. Hope you all have something great planned! Here are some links to start it off.

This wintery breakfast sounds fantastic.
An adorable pangolin.
True that.
What singlehood teaches you.
Want to try this "no makeup" makeup.
I would name him Pointer.
Also too cute to handle.
Great design.
Making this for dinner this weekend.
Cute ripped jeans.
A great New Years resolution.