It's true. I'm gonna live the rest of my life and eternity with this handsome man right here, Tyler Clark.  Can't. wait. Plus! Bonus! My name is gonna be Nicki Clark. How cute is that? Cs and Ks everywhere.

Now you see it. Now you don't.

After 7 months, Ty shaved his mustache! Yayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaa! And while it was a mustache Salvador Dali probably would have coveted, I was happy to see it go. Favorite thing about the change in facial hair status? Kissing Ty's lips instead of his mustache. Boom baby! So long, hairy upper lip.

Anna and Dave get married

My cute friends Anna and Dave got married a few weeks ago. And, while I have no pictures of Anna or Dave at their reception (nice camera work, Nicki), I do have pictures of our friends in their photo booth. Tight.

Doughnut Falls

Up Big Cottonwood Canyon there is a waterfall hike called Doughnut Falls, named after the doughnut shaped rock that the fall flows through at the top. Ty and I conquered it a few weeks ago one given Saturday, then took a scenic drive over to Park City for a free outside concert. Killer day? You better believe it.

Here's the recap just in case you wanna take the hike:
The hike (stroll) is flat, easy and quick. The rock scrambling up the waterfall is awesome, wet and not as quick, but still pretty easy. And the top of the waterfall provides a little cave you can crawl into to view the final few feet of the waterfall (as pictured above). Way enjoyable hike. Do it.

If you want to win a free photo session

They are giving away one here today. And I entered. Twice. Booyah! PS - You need to live in or near Provo to qualify.

The blue bathroom

A lot has been happening in life lately (not to mention I am turning 29 tomorrow! Booyah!), but...one thing at a time. First up, I painted my bathroom blue. And it. Looks. Awesome. I like to say it looks much more regal than it used to. Although, truth be told, it did take a while (and much insisting from Ty) for it grow on me. Probably because I was hoping for a grayer blue. But in the end I think this deep, greenish-blue works just great. And, let's face it, it's a billion better than the white, so who I am to complain? Plus, in a year or so, nothing says I can't change it at a whim. That was a lot of commas. Okay. Awesome.

Welcome blue bathroom; it's great to have you.

camera found!

Last week I lost my camera at the wedding reception of the lovely Anna NagelHabben (that's right, NagelHabben). But, guess who got a call from the reception center saying they have found the lost camera (randomly inside some container in the back)! And guess who is picking up her camera today, friends! So exciting. Pictures to come.

garden update

Whose garden looks like this? Me and Ty's garden looks like this! And who made delicious hummus to eat with her garden-grown cucumber? This girl! Booyah! NOTE: Don't mind the patches of weeds interspersed with our plants, I'll be getting rid of those today.