cottage on the water

If I could choose between snuggling in my bed right now or riding my bike out in these fields and being a guest at this house right now, I would choose the latter.

awesome book

My friend Nate showed me this book today, and I am of the opinion that every child should own it. Seriously. It really is awesome. Read it here.

(Note for my brother Andy: Dude, don't buy it; just wait till after Christmas).


Without further delay, here are some photos from me and Ty's trip to Oregon a few weekends ago. It was a quick 48 hours, but his family is rad and we had a bunch of fun. No kidding; a bunch. Including me and Tyler getting seemingly stuck in a sea cave with the tide coming in around us and me freaking out unnecessarily and making Tyler run back to shore with me, fully clothed, waist deep in water; totally sandy, totally wet and totally one of the best parts of the trip. You can see our wet feet about halfway through those pictures above. And, not so hard to see, Oregon is beautiful. The Pacific Northwest is my kind of place.

(note: the picture of the non-familiar man up there is my favorite picture I took of Ty's dad during the trip; that man is rad)

and the matching begins

The other day Ty showed up at my work and we were dressed like this, no preplanning involved. "I was even going to wear my boat shoes today, but they were still wet!" Ty said after I pointed out our clothes. (NOTE: Wet shoe story to come as part of the Oregon trip post). You can take comfort in knowing that Ty's pants are corduroy though, and mine are different.

Shirts: Denim
Pants: Kahki color
Shoes: Brown leather

to oregon

Me and Ty are headed to Oregon for the weekend to greet his brother, freshly home from his mission. I've never been to Oregon or met Ty's brother, so I think it should be a great weekend.

Thank you these people for kindly letting me use your image of Oregon without your permission.

nicki and ty went biking

Not surprisingly, this is the best picture from me and Ty's biking date last Friday. Even if I had taken other really great ones, I'm not sure there would have been a debate. I know the photo doesn't actually picture us biking, but, as you may not yet realize, taking evening pictures on a moving bike in dim light results in photos with a fair amount of blurriness and not-as-good-looking-as-pictures-taken-inside ness.

Note: Ty went home with those seafoam ones he's wearing. Again, no debate.

this kitchen is for me

Why yes, yes I do love this beautiful kitchen, thank you kindly for asking. It's the perfect blend of rustic and cozy and clean and great. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a kitchen with less things I would change, decoratively/designally speaking. Found here.


With winter weather setting in, I've been really keen on getting me a new pair of sweats for lounging. I actually had a dream two nights ago that I owned the pair on the left up there (which have a far more doable price tag than the two on the right, by the way; sidenote: whoever determined that $245 & $295 respectively are a legit price tags for sweats is definitely batty in my book.) I'll let you know how the search goes. The goal: drop crotch comfy sweat pants at a non-crazy price.

sweats 1, sweats 2, sweats 3

slower = better

I would submit that life is almost always prettier when you slow it down (and add really pretty music). Tonight's plans = a nice slow (because I can't bike very fast) bike ride with Ty to get some dinner, avocado boba and enjoy a secret swing en route to the lake.

I think this is kind of beautiful

But also, I think it's kind of weird. Cause, let's face it, it's a wreath made out of feathers. Weird ... and rad. I'm gonna think on it. And, if it turns out to be more rad than weird, it might end up on my door.

Loving this right now

Blowing me away with it's simple coolness. I think I'll watch it again, in fact.

No Halloween

You may be wondering why there are no pictures of my Halloween festivities this year. Well, I'll tell you. It's because Tyler and I, after a full day of REI Garage Sale-ing, shopping for jeans, cheering on Clay in his cyclocross race through a downpour, and enjoying some tasty apple cider with Anna Nagel and friends, we abandoned our plans of going to the Midway hot springs and retired to our respective homes early and to go to bed. Talk about a great Halloween indeed. Too bad no pictures from the day though ... it lent itself to some great ones.


I might be slightly obsessed. And, if they would fit on my arm, I would probably wear these all at the same time. Nice work on your new (and old) line of bracelets, Jcrew. Here. Here. Here. And here.