{ New Nicki digs }

For those of you who don't know, as of January 1st I live in a new house. My roommate Jessica and I had to move because our last landlord's daughter got back from her mission, and she and her friends wanted to move into our place, so we got the boot. However, the move is turning out to be pretty awesome so far. The ward is fun, the new house is charming, and we now get to live with Kathryn, one of my new favorite people. Here are some photos of the new place. It just in Provo -- about 5 blocks from my old place. It's two stories and has an attached garage. My room and the loft occupy the second story, and a married couple occupies the basement.

front entry
view from front entry

octagonal window by front door

living room 1
living room 2
living room

kitchen 1
kitchen 2
kitchen overall

stairs to loft and my room


my room 1
my room 2
my room

my squatty closet

bathroom 1
bathroom 2
bathroom overall
my cozy half bath attached to my room

the light fixture in my room

{ Quail crossing }

The other morning I was driving on my way to work, and just as I arrived at the corner of 700 north and 200 east, a cute little family of quail were crossing the street. Don't worry -- this isn't a tragic story. I saw them, as did the truck on the opposite side of the road, and we both waited patiently while the little, scurrying flock crossed in a single-file line, being sure to stay within the cross walk lines. It was quite a delightful treat to watch them go on their merry way. I am assuming they were on their way to an indoor tea party, seeing as an outdoor tea party at this time of year would just be absurd.

I made this drawing to illustrate the event.

crossing with hat