Happy weekend

This is the point in the summer at which I need to kick it into high gear for two reasons. #1- Summer is half way over and there is much more fun to be had. And #2 - I am the girls camp director for a young women's group in my church, and we are departing for a week-long stint in the wilderness next week that I am not fully prepared for. So. This weekend will hereby be know as finishing-up-all-the-loose-ends-and-making-camp-fantastic palooza!

Obviously #2 is definitely trumping this weekend as far as time-spent is going to go. Tomorrow will find me elbow deep in costco shopping carts and cracking eggs into plastic bags and shoving them into the freezer. But before camp prep begins, tonight Ty and I are going take in a quick movie; the typical "movie and dinner"date is one of my favorites, I'm not gonna lie.

I'm looking forward to next Saturday when, in the post whirlwind of camp, Ty, Hank and I head up to Rockport State Park like this girl for a little R&R and swimming; I'm a sucker for swimming places that allow dogs. But in the mean time, I'm crossing my fingers for no rain, lots of singing, and hopefully getting a hair wrap at camp. Happy weekend, everyone! Here are a few links to start it all off.

Cliff diving made even better.
This aerial of Manhattan is fantastic.
1,904 ft. fall from Lake Quill in NZ.
This dress tutorial makes me want to give sewing a try.
How to build a layer cake.
Stunning photo composition.
Trying out this beauty product this week.

Happy weekend

Man. Did this week absolutely fly for you too? I swear, I blinked, and it was over. Well, actually, I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Friday and was sorely disappointed when my awake self took control of my brain and corrected me. But other than that small speed bump, the week literally flew to Friday before I could even say "I'm ready for Saturday." Not being in the office today probably adds to the weekend getting here so fast; I am up the picturesque Provo Canyon for some tubing (company tubing anyone?) and a volleyball tournament for our department retreat. Best. Job. Ever.

Tonight Ty and I are heading to try out a local Cajun restaurant (all sources say it is to die for) and then to our favorite dive movie theater; I don't even know what we are seeing yet. Maybe The Great Gatsby? I just finished reading the book (great language. weird story. maybe I'm not deep enough for books like that and the catcher in the rye.), so I now allow myself to see the movie. It's always better in that order. Book then movie. What about you guys? Do you always read the book before seeing the movie? Are you doing anything fun? Hope so. Carpe weekend, that's what I say. Here are some links to look at and listen to before you head out.

Are these two on repeat at anyone else's house?
Catpchas have a cause. Did you know?
Top secret swimming holes around North America.
I love how pretty this shopping site is; organization by color.
For the Californian in all of us.
I can't imagine a more perfect place to wake up.

In the mountains

In a conversation with me the other day, Ty deemed "our things" as golfing, surfing and the mountains. Which I liked. Golfing because Ty loves it. Surfing because I love it. And the mountains because WE love it (the proper wording here would be "them," but you see what I did there?). Mountains, in my mind, is a bit inclusive; it encompasses the gamut of outdoor things we do in the mountains. Snowboarding, hiking, four wheeling, mountain biking, fishing, staying in cabins...things like that. Our date last Friday fit into the mountains category of "our things."

Ty has been itching to get up into the canyon, so we took out the dirt bike and four wheeler Friday night for a few hours of riding and admiring. I swear, every time I look around the Wasatch range, I am floored by how pretty it is where we live. Our mountain vistas can keep up with the best of them, that's for sure. And the fact that they are just outside our back door is a bit of icing on the cake if you are asking me. We had a small hiccup when the chain slider on the dirt bike decided to go the way of the earth, but other than forcing our picnic to happen in the car on the way to our movie, it wasn't such a big deal.

Happy weekend

Oh Friday! Blessed day. I don't know what it is about this week, but this is the most welcomed Friday of my life. Maybe it was 9 days of being in Colorado, but let me tell you, coming back to reality this week has been rough. What? Can't handle civilization after a holiday? No, no I can't. I've been exhausted. I was telling Ty how every day I rode the train this week I had to coax myself up every single hill on my route, one pedal stroke at a time. I chanted a variation of Dory's little mantra from Finding Nemo to help myself along; "Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling." I never did dismount my bike and walk, even though that sounded like just about the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me, but man! SO glad it's Friday. Because Fridays mean that I get to work in my pajamas from the comfort of my own couch, and ain't nobody getting mad at that.

You guys have any fun plans for the next few days? We are going to lay pretty low this weekend, which is totally fine by me. I think I am a bit of a home body at heart anyway. I like to clean the house. I like to organize the house. And I like to be in the house. So let's get this party started right, shall we? Whether that party is a stay-at-home-and-read party, or a little more traditional go-have-some-fun-out-there party. Happy weekend, guys. Here are a few links that caught my eye this week.

Boys wearing their girlfriends' clothes.
How to remove blue jean stains left on leather purses.
Clever. Leopard paint art.
Love floppy hats in the summer.
This tote is finally off back order and got to our house yesterday!
A comedian tells why you should answer an unknown number call.
I'm making these today.
Ty requested I make this tasty summer veggie dish.
My chambray has self destructed. I think this may be the perfect replacement.
FYI Jcrew is having a different sale each day this week. Today is 40% off summer layers.

Quote photo via.

Our 4th of July


Our 4th of July holiday turned into a last-minute, 9-day trip to my parent's house, and I couldn't be happier about it. This is the first time we've spent more than 3 contiguous days with my family out in good old northern Colorado, so it was nice to not be in such a hurry this time around. Ty and I spent a fair amount of time just relaxing -- enjoying the slow-paced, retired country living that my parents get to enjoy every day. I think that, above all else, this trip convinced me I could be perfectly happy living in a rural area. And I may even prefer it. I mean, it goes without saying that I would need a city near by for shopping and entertainment, but there is something completely perfect about falling asleep to the sound of crickets and having everything around you be so still all the time. It just makes your whole body seem a little more relaxed, you know? It's almost like having that lazy Saturday morning feel -- when you wake up slowly and just kinda take a few minutes to stretch and take in the morning -- the country feels like that, only all day every day.

Most of my family live right near my parents, so between the relaxing it was a week+ of family eating, outings, game playing, biking and hiking. And the actual 4th holiday had us gathered around a large lake in a small neighboring town to watch the fireworks over the water. Now that I'm back, I'm thanking my lucky stars for such a flexible employer and such a short drive to family. I feel like among all holidays, the fourth of July is especially enjoyed in a large group of people you love. I hope all your holiday festivities were wonderful too!


"That was never a comedy for me."

Have you guys seen this interview from Dustin Hoffman about the movie Tootsie? It's tender. Watch til the end.


Happy weekend

Happy day after the fourth! We had such an amazing time with family yesterday (such a treat to spend some time with them). I will post all about it next week, but in the mean time, I am looking forward to going to the drive in movie tonight with my hubby (he's never been! and I haven't been since Brittany Elsner's 8th birthday party, so...). And then we'll be taking a good drive through the Rockies tomorrow with Hank. I hope you all have so much fun with the things you have planned. I feel like summer is really in full swing lately, if you know what I mean. Long days and lots of time outside are happening over in these parts. Love. Not to mention some nice bike rides and a whole lot of avocado toast for breakfast.

Here are a few links to start off your weekend.

One of my favorite places in the world.
I wish Hank did this. Hilarious.
Great typography. Great message.
So perfect.
I want to make this leather basket.
These cookies. Whoa.
I want a home hammock like this. Only I may wrap the chain so it's not so industrial feeling.
Four hummus recipes that look tasty. PS -- I like to eat my hummus with carrots.
So that's how you make those Halloween Jello worms.
Neat ring.
Handstand contest.

PS -- Brick and mortar Jcrew Outlets are having their additional 50% off everything this weekend.