The big 3-0

Today I enter a new decade of adulthood (hello 30s), and I feel really really great about it.

I hear your 20s are for making yourself and your 30s are for having and raising kids. Looks like I'm right on track if that's the case. NOTE: NO KIDS OR FETUSES YET, JUST TO ANSWER ANY SILENT QUESTIONS OVER THERE.

This morning during birthday breakfast, Katy was asking me the highlights of 29. And as we reviewed, it turned out to be a pretty bang-up year. I got married. I got a puppy. I learned to like running. I baked up a storm. I learned to cook dinner for my husband on a semi-regular basis. I got a new job, which I love. I went to Hawaii for the first time. I slept in a Tepee. I went to the tetons and glacier national park. I traveled to Canada. All such great things! I can only hope 30 will be even greater. I started it with a run this morning, with the reasoning that I couldn't start out a new year of life better than by being proud of myself for getting up at 7 to take Hank on a run. So far, so good. Hello 30, it's good to meet you. Let's make it a good one.

Also, I added going to Jellyfish Lake to my bucket list today. So incredible.


The Young Victoria

So while Ty was out for a majority of the day yesterday, I decided to watch The Young Victoria -- a movie full of real-life love and triumph. And as I sat on my ottoman, tears running down my face, and wanting my husband to come home so I could hug him and tell him I love him, I realized what a truly sappy romantic I am. It's not your typical love story, mind you, but man is it perfect. It's honestly one of my favorite movies. If you, like me, love love and have never seen the movie, you should watch it straight way. I've posted the trailer above for your convenience.