Apple with PB to go

It's kind of a simple little trick (technique? method?) I came up with in high school, but it's one of my favorites so I thought I should share. When I need a quick breakfast to go (like this morning), this is my go to.

Apple and Peanut Butter to go

1. Slice the apple in half.
2. Remove cores with a melon baller.
3. Fill each hole with a spoonful of natural peanut butter.
4. Stick apple halves back together.
5. GO.

It's perfect for those mornings I am in a rush. Or even just for any old morning, really. I especially love this because everything is 100% edible; no having to cart around an apple core until I can find a trash can.

A close second to this is a baggie full of a 50/50 split of walnuts and raisins. It's delicious, trust me (hello Omega 3's!). And if you swap the walnuts for peanuts, it tastes like a PB&J sandwich.

He thinks he's a lap dog

I call this Bored Puppy Crawls On Lap To Command Attention.

Ty and Nicki go to the museum

Over the weekend we got to attend the opening of the Sacred Gifts exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.  We were invited along by two of our close friends, and it was such a fantastic experience. I am typically not a stare-at-paintings-for-hours-and-get-lost-in-them type of person, but there was just something to this exhibit that really had me a bit awe struck. I left feeling overwhelmingly grateful for my Savior and the kind people who let these amazing works leave their churches and castles so I could experience them first hand.

The two images above were my favorites; Agony in the Garden by Frans Schwartz and Healing the Blind Man by Carl Bloch. I stood in front of both longer than my fellow viewers probably appreciated, but man, I couldn't seem to tear myself away. You know how good, live music is unarguably, indelibly, and without question better than listening to it on CD? I've realized art is the same way. Especially for me with those two pieces. They were completely encompassing.

Honestly, all the art was pretty incredible (they've made a pinterest board featuring some of the pieces if you wanted a looksy). If you are in the Utah area, go go go. It is definitely worth the trip. One woman we met at the exhibit had traveled from Arizona just for it! How about them apples? It is certainly closer, cheaper, and easier than traveling around Europe and NY, thats for sure. Plus, fun fact, 8 of the pieces shown in the exhibit were loaned from Frederiksborg castle in Demark; this is the first time they have ever been loaned (they were commissioned for the palace in 1860-1870), and they will never be loaned again. Holy smokes, right?

Happy weekend

Happy weekend, all! And day after Halloween! This has to be the prettiest Nov. 1 of all the Nov. 1 in history. The sun is shining. The air only has the slightest hint of crisp. And I am absolutely loving it.

This past week has been quite the doozey though. Compounding on the food poisoning Monday, I also sprained my ankle, nursed a sore neck, and had some serious sleeping issues the last few days. What the? It hasn't been pretty. I feel like my body is on the revolution or something. Thankfully last night I got a solid 9 hours sleep without moving a single muscle the entire night. It was heaven. And a great way to start off Friday for sure. Plus my ankle is feeling MUCH better today, thank you very much body. Being hurt is seriously the pits.

Ty has some arduously long work hours this weekend, so I'll be planning some good girl time. And Hank time. He's been giving me the "I need to play" eyes all day, so I'm thinking he may need a sizely hike tomorrow. And me too if we are honest -- who doesn't need one of those? I hear they are good for sprained ankles anyway.

Hope you all have something fantastic planned! Here are a few links to kick it off.

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