Pancake disliker

This weekend my husband told me he doesn't like pancakes. I don't know what to do with that.

Also, I ran Ragnar this weekend -- photos and post to come.


A theory on photography

I did not take these photos; I need to say that outright just in case you mistook me as an incredibly talented photographer. Nay, I stole these from the internet for the purpose of using them to support a theory I have arrived at today. And my theory goes like this:

Good photography is photography that captures the world better than or equal to the way my eyes capture it. 

Now, I am no professional photographer -- we all know this. Which means I really have no sort of educated experience in the world of photography (unless you count my junior and senior year photography classes in high school, which I personally do not). And I know there are a lot of other factors that go into good photography -- interesting subject matter, composition, emotion invoking, capturing-of-the-momentness, yadda yadda -- but, I really feel like my little idea fits into there as well. So often I take a photo, and when I look at the proof image on the screen it's just a let down. I'm left saying things like "My eyes are so much better than my camera!" or "Why can't this just look like it does through my eyeballs?!" But here's the thing, every time I DO capture a photo that looks close to the beautifulness I am experiencing with my God-given seeing vessels, I am more than delighted with the product. And that's it. That's all I really have to say about that. Here's to hopefully excellent camera skills in the future that make the world look as pretty and fascinating as it looks through these hazel guys on my face.

PS -- how great are all those shots above? Love love them -- equal or better than my eyeballs for sure.

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