{ Ice cream debate - help needed }


My friend Justin and I had a slight disagreement about two flavors of ice cream and which was better. We decided to take a poll to see which person was more correct according to majority vote. If you could please click here and answer the quick, one-question poll, it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

{ Home Owner? }

Well...as of Monday afternoon, I am the proud bearer of a condo under contract. I made an offer on a super sweet, 1940's conversion condo in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday and, dun-dun-dah!, it got accepted. At first I was just freaking out. The bigness of the whole buying-a-place-of-my-own thing is really setting in, and it is leaving me equally excited and anxious. The thing that has helped me clam down most is my best friend Trish's assuring me that buying a place of my own is a smart decision, and my reassuring myself that the place I/Scott found is a great place. Smart and great. Can't go wrong with those two adjectives. Now I just need to be sure all the inspections and appraisals check out, and I'll be good to go.

Here are some pictures I took while we were scoping out the condo. I'm realizing now that I really didn't get that great of photos, but they will give you the general idea.

The outside of the complex

The entry way (and Scott -- he's in a lot of these)

Kitchen from view of the living room

This is a photo of the kitchen in the model -- they all look the same, only mine isn't furnished yet

Scott in the living room

Front loading washer -- dryer to come

A close up of the flooring

{ Z is for Zion }


I took my first trip down to Zion National Park last weekend (kind of ridiculous that I haven't been there before now, seeing as #1 -- I'm a pretty, dang active girl and #2 -- I've lived three hours away from it for SEVEN YEARS. Ridiculous). Needless to say, the trip was awesome. I went down with Dave and company (there were 6 of us total), and we repelled Spry canyon. 15 repels in all, I stayed pretty dry till like #12 or so, then it was all over, and I HAD TO descend into, no joke..this is what it's called...skank water. sick. I think the name is worse than the actual water though. And, despite my fears, I was glad to find out that hiking in wet Nikes didn't cause any weird rashes or blisters.

I need to do this stuff more often.

group beginning
The group before we started the canyon (Tyler, Clancee, Covey, Zach, me and Dave).

Dave, being the total backcountry.com designer that he is, outfitted the whole crew with matching sample shirts. Cute :) But as silly as it may have looked, I was grateful to have that breathable, quick-drying little guy on rather than the cotton V-neck shirt I had brought. Totally worth it. Plus -- look how good we look! All matchy in the pictures.

Me at the bottom of the second biggest repel (the picture at the top of this post is me at the top of the same repel)

Part of the group at the top of the second repel -- Covey, me and Clancee

above skank water
Descending into the unavoidable skank water. gross.

Wading through the unavoidable skank water.

Me, Clance and Zach watching Tyler repel.

free repel
Me on the final repel -- this one was extra sweet because it was a free repel, meaning there was no rock for me to walk down -- just wide open space.

{ Skeeson has ended }


It's true; skeeson, my affectionately named season for scarf wearing, has ended. It started in November and has had a happy, neck-warming presence since. I wasn't sure when it would actually be done this year, but this morning, as I was contemplating putting on a scarf with my outfit, I realized it was over. I couldn't do it. I even put one on to be sure, but I couldn't bring myself to wear it. So, me and my bare neck made our way to the office this morning with no regrets. I thought I would be more sad than this, but really, I think I'm just excited for warm spring and summer weather. I'm wearing sandals today in honor of the wardrobe-season-change occassion.

{ I want this calendar }


How wonderful is this playfully effective calendar cover?! A seasonal rundown in visual form that echoes with the thoughts and senses. The interaction with color and words is perfect. Really. I am impressed. What a great design.

The months and days of the calendar are outlined in accordion style on the inside. You can take a look at the whole thing here.

{ Lunch Wednesdays }

My best friend Trish and I happen to work less than two miles away from each other, but for some reason (Husbands, dates, callings, etc) we rarely see each other. So, the other week we decided to institute "Lunch Wednesdays," one of my new favorite practices. It involves Trish and I meeting up for lunch at some eatery in the Orem area at 1:00 pm each Wednesday. Seriously, it's a hit. Who knew that even just one hour a week could be so effective for keeping up to date with the best friend who is rarely seen. It's lovely, just lovely, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Me and Trish at Kneaders on the first official lunch Wednesday (April 23rd)

{ Garage sale -- $4 chair }

A couple Saturdays ago, my roommate Kathryn and I went out for the first garage-sale morning of the season. It was beautiful. There's nothing like getting really cool/useful things at ridiculously low prices. And thanks to my sister, Tracey, I am a garage-sale-deal expert. I usually just decide on a price for whatever I want to purchase, then walk up to the person in charge and tell them I'll give them "X amount of dollars for" said item. Most of the time they just take the money and smile. I think they are really just happy to get rid of everything they have out on their lawns/concrete for whatever people are willing to pay them. But, the best deal of the day didn't require any pricing on my part at all. Kathryn and I drove up to a garage sale in Provo with the most amazing vintage chair sitting on the lawn. The sign next to the chair read "Vintage chair, $4." $4!! Could that be right? But it was. $4. And after a brief inspection for wear and any funny smells, that $4 chair was mine, no haggling necessary.

Rad vintage chair I picked up for $4 at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

Close up detail of the pattern on the chair. It has surprisingly little wear, and it doesn't even smell funny :)

{ You don't see this everyday }

The other night Scott and I were driving back from...Salt Lake? I'm thinking it was Salt Lake. But that's not the important part. The fact that we saw a Blazer ON FIRE on our way home is the important part. We were driving down 900 West in Provo just after we had exited the freeway, and we happened upon the car. A few people were out watching it burn, and one of the neighbors was taking pictures. We don't know how it started, but we parked a little ways off and watched as the car fire progressively grew until the firemen arrived and put it out. It was a crazy sight. Little driplets and streams and burning liquid kept flying out of the wheel wells before the fire was extinguished. Don't think I'll ever see that again. And I'm glad it didn't blow up while we were watching.

{ Halloween Decided }


I'm usually not a huge dresser upper for Halloween. In fact, some years I have even been a party pooper when it comes to celebrating Halloween. But, I just ran across this photo, and I think I'm in love with the idea of painting my face red. Not sure what costume is going to require me to do it (I've definitely ruled out clown), but I'll definitely be thinking of something. It just looks so rad! I love how the little girls eyes have a little bit of breathing room, and how the red has a two-tone to it. Ridiculous, I'm sure, but I'm hooked. So so fun.