I appreciate a beautiful home just as much as the next aesthetics lover; but while photos of great rooms make me happy, photos of great kitchens make my jaw drop. Literally. I'm not even sure why. But, I can tell you this; one day, if I can find people to hire me, I will become a professional kitchen design specialist designing beautiful kitchens that will make you beyond happy just to look at, let alone cook in.

Also one day, I will have a kitchen large enough for an island and oodles of money so I can equip said kitchen with shelves rather than cupboards, a tile backsplash and a farmhouse sink.

Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, Kitchen 3, Kitchen 4

Ty turns 26

Today was my handsome boyfriend's (aka Ty's) birthday. To celebrate we ate sushi, wrote/received mooshy birthday cards, did a little shopping, and rounded out the day watching Ty's best friend Christian play a basketball game. As an aside, I wish in the picture above I was wearing pink and yellow and Ty was wearing black and white rather than the clothes we actually are wearing; that would make the picture juxtaposition with the sushi so much better. But, wardrobe-food coordination or not, it was a great day.

Side note: Just in case you're wondering, Ty has matching steps on the other side of his head and his mustache definitely pulls a 10 on the manly scale.

the muscle of appreciation

I enjoy how this man thinks.

Ikea has a blog

That's fun. I think I'll be adding it to my reader. Unlike the store displays, I feel like the site shows IKEA products in a much better-looking, inside-an-actual-house kind of way, so I dig it. I can't read Sweedish(?) so, google translate to the rescue/I don't really need the words anyway.

horses for lunch

I work in the outskirts of a once-rural city, so awesomely there is a series of pastures within walking distance of my office. In the summer I like to walk around their perimeters on my lunch hour, just to enjoy the sun and nice weather and animals the farmer puts out in his fields. But our early warm weather this year has the animals out early and has let me start making my walks equally early too; so totally tight. Seeing as I was ridiculously late to work today, I thought I'd spend my 20-minute lunch visiting the horses. They were very friendly, let me pet their faces and necks as much as I wanted, and snotted on my coat more than once.

puppy sitting

Me and Ty puppy sat tonight for his best friend, Christian. I think I might need to get one.


This little video made my weekend. Well, this, along with relaxing, shopping, making food, watching basketball and finishing up a documentary series with Ty. Sometimes lazy weekend plans are my favorite weekend plans. Hope yours was great too.

PS -- Happy first day of Spring! So excited to welcome warmer weather and blooming plants.

calligraphy set

I'd like a calligraphy set sometime soon. Its products are just so lovely.

Images from this calligraphers web site. Watch out -- you may be getting some competition, Mr./Mrs. Neither Snow (hah!).

race support

Ty, Katy and I headed out to West Valley Saturday to cheer on Clay (picture above in the green&grey kit) and Lance (pictured above without a fence obstructing him) in the RMR race. The boys raced in the oval, which I think is usually used for car racing. Clay raced twice. We cheered almost every time they passed us. And it started to rain just as the race was finishing. A fine time supporting friends (plus we got some really great pictures of Katy).

must buy french bulldog soon


Found here.


It's probably just about time for me and Ty to build that teepee in the middle of the living room that we've been talking about.

Images found here and here.

a little relaxing

I thought this would serve as a lovely image for today.

black bags of the day

If I had $440 burning a hole in my pocket today, I would buy these two bags.

NOTE: I'll adventure soon so I have pictures of my life to share with you rather than things I find online. Last weekend Ty and I went to my first rugby game, but all I came away with (along with a love of rugby) was a lone, lame, very-far-away photo of the field, so I'll spare you the image and get better ones soon.

sails of a different color

How great would it be to be hanging out in a harbor and all of a sudden see these bad boys with patterned dandelion sails come in to anchor. Seriously, so great. This isn't the best of Photoshop jobs, but I'm not sure it matters. If ever I have a sail boat, you better believe my sails will look like this.

Found here.

cozy produce

Loving this ad campaign for the Calgary Farmers Market. These point-of-sale posters let customers know the market would be open and have fresh produce all winter long. Simple. Clever. Memorable. Perfect. And, honestly -- what says winter produce better than little sweatered fruits and vegetables? Love it.

another reason why slow lorises are rad

(Watch video and insert your own reason here).
Found here.