{ Future me }


After finding a link on the Urban Outfitters blog, I decided to write an e-mail to my future self. How could I do such an amazing thing you ask? Through FutureMe.org, a relatively plain looking Web site that houses a fun idea. You type your message in, set the date you want your e-mail to arrive, then construct your message and hit send. Easy peezie.

I guess the site developers published a book that contains a bunch of the letters people have written to themselves. I read a few, and one was actually really sad. It just made me 1. Grateful to be my happy self, and 2. Want to reach out and give a big hug to the guy who wrote it.

I scheduled my letter to arrive in my e-mail box on my 30th birthday. The letter began "happy 30th birthday!" and concluded with "I love you (is that weird?)" I think it will be a fun little treat 4.5 years from now.


Megan said...

That is such a fun idea! I'm glad you are your fun self too. You're one of the happiest people I've ever met!

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