{ Rampenfest }

Rampenfest from jeff schultz on Vimeo.

Oh my funniness! If you have a minute (or 30 if you want to watch the whole thing) check out this short, documentary-style movie. I was seriously silently laughing so hard at my desk at work that I almost keeled over. If you watch it, ask me about it and we'll chat. Enjoy!


Orin Ryssman said...

Ok, I saw nearly all of this documentary and I am still not sure if I can believe it. LOL!!! Amazing, since there is the old saw about the Village Idiot...though in this case nearly the entire village is filled with idiots!

LindsayFamily said...

I don 't even know what to say. . . how can that be real? Seriously.
If anyone else reads this post, you need to watch the video; it's like something out of a Gorrilaz Video.

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