{ Car Surgery }


OK...I love my Subaru. But, I don't love that it sometimes carries a funky odor that, despite my having the carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned, using deodorizer on the carpets, consistently using air fresheners and being a clean person, I can't seem to get rid of. The car came with the smell, and I was hoping it would fade over time, but so far, no doin'.

I decided to get to the bottom of it today by performing car surgery. After some good sniffing around, I pulled up my back seat in the Soob and lo and behold I found a disgusting dried pool of smelly, sticky yuck on the metal under the seat AND on the foam that makes up the seat. Gross. Even grosser? There was a bit of mold growing on it. SICK! Looks like the last car owners weren't all that keen on cleaning up stuff they spilled (I'm not sure how) under the seats.

I pulled out the bleach cleaning products and razor blade and got to work to remove the unwelcome sludge from the metal and the foam. It took about 45 minutes to get the whole thing squared away, but I think it did the trick. Or at least it better have, cause touching that goop was ick.

The cleaned metal of the back seat after I scrubbed the goop off, and cut off the parts of the white fabric that were goop smeared.

De-gooping the seat foam on the underside of the seat. Disgusted look on my face was totally appropriate.

I used a razorblade to get a clean cut as close as possible.


54 canoe said...

If you were a Boy Scout you'd get the "Car Surgery" merit badge.

Club Narwhal said...

you are my HERO! my car has a weird smell that won't go away but i haven't been brave enough to do the sniff-snoop. you have inspired me!

kimberly said...

You're awesome Nicole Paige! Love ya!

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