{ Terrarium 101 }

Terrariums are pretty, so I decided to gift one to my friends Ali and Dylan for their wedding (NOTE: Present still pending delivery, so, if you see this Ali, please call me so I can come drop it off :) ). I chose more of an open container because of it's attractiveness, but you can use bell-jar and small-opening containers too. Here's a step-by-step of the simple process.

Step 1 place rocks in the bottom of the container for drainage. I am sure there is a certain height you should clear with the rocks, but mine are about an inch and a half in depth.

Step 2 place a covering over the rocks before you put in the dirt so the dirt doesn't infiltrate the rocks. I chose moss cause it's pretty and multifunctional, but you can use a cut piece of screen (like the screen you use in windows) too.

Step 3 cover with at least a few inches of dirt. I think I used about 2.5 inches; just enough to pot the plant. You could probably do with using more, but I didn't have a ton of space. Make a hole for your plant.

Step 4 plant the foliage. I chose and ivy cause they like a moist environment and they are low lying. I added some moss to the top of the soil (as pictured above) to add some more color. I think I may add a couple rocks or a piece of nice bark before delivery. So lovely.

Here are some other pretty ones from other people:
Bell Jar example
A Collection example
Water Jug example
Cactus example



After a few days in its new home, the terrarium has earned a new name and a special, set-apart place in my friend's home.

The terrarium is now affectionately referred to as the "taranchelarium" and it rests on a wood end table in a sitting nook in the kitchen. It resides next to a reading chair and a painting of a scantily clad woman, which is now affectionately renamed after me in honor of the plant it keeps company with. Thank you Ali :)


TheRapunzelGirl said...

that is a really cool idea . . . i may steal that from you when i repot some of my work plants

MegRich said...

You're so creative Nicki!

The Meesh said...

Darling you know I love those things! We must make one with you holding my hand through it, stat!

Dastrup Family said...

thank you thank you i love it. its a great feature in our kitchen now. i heart you and love your hummus.

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