I have your catalog


Dear American Fork and Highland Urban-Oufitters-Catalog Receivers,

I have your Urban Outfitters catalogs.

I assure you, I didn't do this on purpose. Apparently the postal service forgot to remove the shrink wrap on our bundle of catalogs before putting them through the mail service, and mine was on top. I promise to take good care of them until tomorrow, when I pop them back in the mail. But, in the interim, I wanted to give you the heads up that they will be at least one day late.

Thanks for your understanding.

Glad we're in this together,
Nicki Schmidt


Patricia said...

hahaha. amazing.

katy broughton said...

what the random? remember when we lived together and i had no idea of this happening? maybe you get this at work though.... ah yes. that would make sense since its american fork. brilliant.

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