On the road

Tyler and I have been hitting the open road these last couple weekends; once to the East to Colorado and once up North to Ogden. Both really great trips.

Collectively the wanderings garnered a Gregory Alan Isakov show (which was quite spectacular, might I add), some time with the Schmidts we all know and love, getting shakes with Tyler's grandfather, Elmo, and Elmo's wife, Iva Lou (Elmo and Iva Lou -- I can't get over how great that is), and scoring a sweet pair of camel-colored leather boat shoes for $6 at DI.  

Pictured above is the I 70 in route to Denver -- me and Ty took a few minutes out to take some pictures on the way. This particular part being deemed "the most beautiful stretch of highway" Tyler has ever seen in the continental US. A lack of other pictures can be attributed to my camera running out of battery way too early on both trips. Whoops. As soon as I get the pictures developed on the film camera, though, if any are post worthy, you'll see em.


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