One Year Anniversary

This past weekend, Ty and I packed our bags and headed out for a little mini trip to celebrate our one year anniversary (aka, the best decision ever made). We headed to Midway, UT for a stay at Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast. It was charming, it was cozy, and it was the perfect way to celebrate with my sweetheart. And you wanna know the most random, wonderful thing about Johnson Mill? All of their linens are scrumptiously luxurious. All of them. I am positive our sheets were at least 1600 thread count egyptian cotton, and even the breakfast napkins were so soft and buttery it felt like you were wiping your mouth with a cloud. No joke. As a linen lover, I was in heaven. Not to mention, the stuffed french toast they served us for breakfast was insane, the fall-dewed grounds surrounding the property were a total delight to explore (and can I tell you, that swing was SO fun), and we slept with the fireplace on all night. I know, right? Getting married in the fall is totally the way to go.

We actually met this sweet older couple as we were checking out who were celebrating their anniversary too. It was so exciting! Finding anniversary twins seriously feels like meeting someone with your same birthday. "Are you two the honeymoon couple?" the woman asked me referring to another couple staying there as well. "Oh no, we're celebrating our 1-year anniversary," I responded, "What about you?" The woman smiled as she told me they were there to celebrate their 57th anniversary. 57th! How great is that?! Still all cute and celebrating their anniversary at a bed and breakfast with 57 years under their belt -- now that's what I call love. I'm excited to be like that with Ty one day -- all old and seasoned and even more in love than we are today. I can only imagine how close you are after a lifetime together. I love Ty more today than I did the day we were married; times that by 57 and I'm pretty sure at that age I will be exploding from how much I love this man.

We finished the weekend off with some golfing up at the Wasatch Mountain course, a sweet drive through the back mountains to Park City, and a little shopping at the outlets. Great anniversary weekend? Check.


Club Narwhal said...

Aw, yeay and congrats! Utah falls are the best, especially now that you get to celebrate your anniversary with the changing leaves.

amazomeg said...

you guys are cool. and I want to get on that swing!

Monica said...

Is it uncool for the mom to say how cool and awesome you two are as a couple. We are so proud of you both and happy for you on your one year and wishing you at least 57 more to come. Monica

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