Sick pics

I like to pride myself that I rarely get sick. When my work allots specific sick days rather than just a chunk of paid time off, I tend to get more than a little bugged. "But I NEVER use those!" I always think to myself. But last week that self shut right up cause I was sick for 6 days straight, friends. SIX DAYS! Man, that's a lot of days. During those 6 days, I ventured out less times than I can count on one hand, and I spent a lot of time hanging out with Hank on the couch waiting for my sinuses decide being stuffed up was not their jive. I am happy to report I can now breath out of both nostrils freely and I can go outside without fearing I will develop pneumonia. Being sick really is the pits. My heart and best wishes go out to any of you still under the influence of some yucky virus -- I swear, it seems like everyone has been sick over the last few weeks. Here's the breakdown of the pics above.

1. I made a batch of these tasty honey bran muffins the morning before I got sick. Such a life saver when cooking sounded less than fun.
2. The side table of a sick person.
3. My trusty couch companion -- what a trooper.
4. Sweet potato and black bean burritos for a kick of spice and nutrients.
5. I finished the beanie I started knitting for Ty over Christmas break. I especially love that it's made with yarn we bought in Iceland in September.


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