Happy weekend

Whoa! It's Friday already! Where did the week go? Cah-razy. But really, this is great news. I mean, who is sad about Fridays? No one. Definitely no one. You guys have anything fun planned?

I think Ty and I are going to hit up this movie. And probably do a little bit of snowshoeing thanks to all this fresh powder mother nature blessed us with this week (um, hello!). Here are some links to get it all kicked off.

I would be SO SCARED to swim here.
Ty and I always talk about staying at Lake Louise.
Love this wrapping with a photo tucked in.
In love with Janet Hill's paintings (and so affordable).
7 hikes for every woman.
I know what we are making on Valentine's Day.
The Milky Way takes my breath away.
Even with the best intentions, you have to DO.


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