The best ad seriously ever

It's so simple. It's so perfect. Every time I see it, I just think "YES!" And then I want to go out and run. Honestly, Nike. Honestly. 

On another note, when we are driving, or watching TV, or searching the internets, or looking at magazines, Ty and I often comment on the advertising we come across. Phrases like "Oh man -- that was so on point!" or "That was waaaaaayyyy off their target market." or "That would have been so much more powerful if...(xyz)." are common phrases in our conversations. And I kind of love that I have a non-designer, non-marketer husband who will still take interest and comment on the things I am passionate about. Babe attack.



Anonymous said...

Oooo I like, and hadn't seen this before. I'm obsessed with the Sprint "unlimited means unlimited" ad that's all over Hulu right now, with the soft serve cone piling high, good background music - though I'm a Verizon lover, it screams on point to me, not quite enough to make me switch. Times Square was a fun date night, analyzing all the ads that companies paid ridiculous amounts for, and some were terrible!

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