The trick to avoiding a sore throat

You know how sometimes, right before bed, you get that tickle in your throat. That ominous, terrible tickle that whispers in your ear "You are gonna wake up in the morning with a soar throat, sucker." It's the worst. I used to fall victim to this every single time. Tickle - sleep - wake - soar throat. Ugh! But when I married Ty he introduced me to the handiest little trick. When that soar-throat tickle rears its ugly head, you throw on a scarf right before bed and sleep like that. Easy peasy.

It sounds a little silly, but truly it works. I was a skeptic but gave it a try when Ty tipped me off a few years ago, and it's now my go-to every time I think a soar throat is looming. Next time you feel you are at the mercy of impending sickness, give it a go. Sometimes it takes a few nights straight of wearing it, but it's heaven sent I tell you. I'd add a scarf to my sleep wardrobe any day to avoid a sore throat.


brenna said...

Ok, this sounds like an old wive's tale, but I'm totally going to try it the next time I feel that tickle in my throat...because that's where I always start to get sick!

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