Our favorite baby "toys" as of late

There is no shortage of super awesome baby toys out there. Beautiful wood toys. Noise-making toys with lights. Balls. Books. Plush toys. Etc, etc. And while we own a fair amount of them, I swear Everett is not interested. According to Baby Center, Ev is in a stage called "object exploration." So to the curb with our carefully curated toy collection. The "toys" pictured above are front and center in our house these days. I like to joke that manufacturers should put age-appropriate guidelines on things like chapstick, mascara tubes and calculators as that is what my little babe is interested in most of the time. I'm assuming that one day he will be interested in all those lovely Montessori toys and blocks, but for now this is what is running the show.

1. My face lotion container.
2. The car charger. 
3. Ty's tooth paste.
4. Hank's dog bone (please don't judge me. we pick our battles around this house).
5. The empty popcorn bag that I have taped shut.
6. An empty squeeze-pouch food container.
7. The empty dish soap bottle - this one is a big hit when I squeeze air out onto Ev's face/neck/head/etc.
8. A basket plate that also acts as a fan (Everett loves wind).
9. A crumpled plastic fireman's hat we got at the Provo City Birthday Celebration from the city fire department. So many smiles repeatedly taking this off of mom's head / Everett's head / mom's head / Everett's head...
10. The IKEA trashcan that used to actually serve as a trash can in Everett's room but now serves as the star in games such as "Mom the trash can head" and "knock the trash can over and roll it around."

Not pictured but equally enjoyed: the remote control, tupperware containers, a basket full of baby food, Hank's frisbee, and all spring door stoppers.


TheRapunzelGirl said...

don't worry about the dog bone. soon enough he will graduate to kibbles. and he will like them. take many pictures. the phase will pass and you all will laugh. :)

Jessica Mitchell said...

This post is hilarious and so true. Guess what--Cambria is almost 17 months old and there is no end in sight. Her "real toys" are completely ignored and pointless.

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