{ Out With the Old, In With the New }

My cute, quaint house has a lack of cute quaint chairs. Consequently, I have been using one of our three kitchen chairs as a desk chair for the last two months. But, after finding a thoroughly trashed, yet fairly salvageable chair on our back patio the other day, I decided to undertake my first re-upholstery job ever and return the kitchen chair to it's rightful place. The project went as shown below. I think it was a good starter piece of furniture. Not very complicated. No hidden screws or edges. It even gave me a chance to work with replacing seat cushion foam (seeing as the original foam proved very dirty and even possibly moldy -- ew.)

The original.

The breakdown. Notice the ground-in dirt on the seat back.

The finished product. I chose a pinky-maroony, fuzzy paisley pattern. It goes good withe the gray walls in the loft.


erinvthornhill said...

Super cute Nicki! You are just so creative!

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