{ Lunch Wednesdays }

My best friend Trish and I happen to work less than two miles away from each other, but for some reason (Husbands, dates, callings, etc) we rarely see each other. So, the other week we decided to institute "Lunch Wednesdays," one of my new favorite practices. It involves Trish and I meeting up for lunch at some eatery in the Orem area at 1:00 pm each Wednesday. Seriously, it's a hit. Who knew that even just one hour a week could be so effective for keeping up to date with the best friend who is rarely seen. It's lovely, just lovely, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Me and Trish at Kneaders on the first official lunch Wednesday (April 23rd)


Sarah H. said...

That's awesome. Once you and all your friends are married and have lits of kids it gets really hard to do stuff like that. What a great tradition to start.

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