{ Halloween Decided }


I'm usually not a huge dresser upper for Halloween. In fact, some years I have even been a party pooper when it comes to celebrating Halloween. But, I just ran across this photo, and I think I'm in love with the idea of painting my face red. Not sure what costume is going to require me to do it (I've definitely ruled out clown), but I'll definitely be thinking of something. It just looks so rad! I love how the little girls eyes have a little bit of breathing room, and how the red has a two-tone to it. Ridiculous, I'm sure, but I'm hooked. So so fun.


Dave & Catherine said...

She has the most beautiful, huge blue eyes! What an intense picture!

One year Dave was Darth Maul & painted his face red & black... There's an idea for Halloween--you'd get to carry around a sweet lightsaber!

Sarah H. said...

Okay, so Paul and I figured out that Hilary's blog was on Megan's and you were on Hilary's. Does that make sense?

I think that would look awesome to paint your face red. I love her beautiful blue eyes. She looks like Dakota Fanning.

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