{ Just a weekend }

This past weekend was full of things: pizza making, a gallery stroll, a vintage flea market (pictured above is blurry Angela Tam trying on a retro puffy vest at the flea market), a Cinco-de-Marzo celebration (robot pinata included), an 80's skating party, lots of design, a trip to a natural-hot-spring-filled swimming pool, Italian biscotti making, self hair-cutting and a bit of guitar playing/song writing. Kind of full, but kind of fun. Here are a couple photos. It's crazy how much can fit into 60 hours.

On the left, the awesome Robot pinata made by Mike. And on the right, the awesome Katy and Clay dressed up for the 80's skate party.

Self cut bangs. I cut them Sunday morning with my paper scissors. Subtle, but perfect. They were getting all long and stickish.


Angela said...

whoaaa! funness. also didn't realise how long my hair is. whooaaa.

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