deer creek reservoir is frozen

Last weekend, the gang went out to Deer Creek Reservoir to enjoy a fire, dinner, unexpected snow and some walking around on the ice. 

Ty and I had gone, just the two of us, the week before, and we thought everyone would enjoy the adventure. So, I cooked up that tasty pulled pork recipe, we made make-shift roasters to toast the buns, and we all (Anna, Katy, Clay, Lance, Mike, Ty and me) went out and spent a few hours savoring tasty food and each other's company. We were greeted by a killer sunset upon arrival, and Ty taught me the reason why some of the frozen water was white below my feet and some of it was black like concrete. A great way to spend a Saturday evening for sure.


In other news, today marks 6 months of the Ty and Nicki show running strong, my friends. Booyah. I say this calls for the posting of the best picture Ty and I have ever taken.


Lauren Parks said...

So why is some water white and some black? lol

Nicki said...

Because in the shallow parts, the water is frozen solid, all the way through, so it's white. But in the deep parts, it's still deep sloshy water, with fish swimming in it, under the layer of ice. So, it's dark. At least that's what I think he said. I believe there was a mention of bubbles being in the shallower water too, so the ice freezes with little bubbles in it causing whiteness, or something like that. But yeah, I think that part was more hazy.

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