I created that logo

My incredibly wonderful, lovely, talented, photographer friend Megan Ruth Stay was featured on Ruffled today for a wedding she recently shot in Las Vegas. Which, in and of itself, is completely rad. And, to add more radness right on top, she and I just recently finished making her a killer logo and brand design so when you pop over to her photography site, BAM! Nicki Schmidt logo design right on the front! So fun. 

Congrats on your feature, Meg -- the photos look so wonderful. And thank you so much for letting me be a part of your brand development. You're such a babe.


MegRuth said...

Snick! You are the best! Thanks so much for working with me. You are the best! I LOVE my logo!

Angela said...

small world! i know regan! such an awesome duo. i'm keeping you two in mind for future events! :)

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