Halloween recap

I hope you all had a great evening last night. I used to think Halloween was some kind of bunk holiday, but I have changed my mind the last couple years. I mean, when you and all your friends dress to the costume nines and get together just to have fun, it's just like your favorite times + a super fun "everyone looks awesome" element! I really think you can't go wrong with something like that.

We attended a little mid-century party last week to celebrate the holiday (that would be a loofa in my hair up there, by the way), and last night I actually ended up just washing the car and handing out candy while Ty went shooting (wha-wha on the holiday scale). But, the great news is we got a ton more trick-or-treaters than usual. We usually get a whopping 1 or 2, but this year we got at least 25! I know it doesn't sound all that impressive, but believe me, it totally was. And the night got slightly more Halloweeny when Ty got home and we cozied up to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (Ty had never seen it before, can you believe it?). P.S. that movie is WAY creepier than I remember from when I was a tween.


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