I know I am running a bit behind holiday schedule, but here is my Thanksgiving recap for all those who don't mind my tardiness. I didn't take a whole lotta pics during our trip back to Colorado for the holiday (I think I  pulled out my camera for a total of 30 seconds), but that little gem up there was taken by my sister, Tracey. Oh my adorable, you guys. That is my husband up there. With my sweet little niece, Alice. Makes my heart melt.

But, back to the recap. Thanksgiving was a rip roarin' good time if I do say so myself. The five of us (Ty, Hank and me + my niece Megan and her man Daniel) piled into the car and made the pleasant 7-hour drive to the homeland of Colorado. The 3.5-day trip was full of delicious food, lots of shopping, puzzles, card playing and my sweet momma taught me how to make her family-famous orange rolls (hello delicious!). Hank thoroughly enjoyed having my parents backyard to run around in (note to self -- we REALLY need a yard for Hank someday soon), and I again realized how much I love taking road trips with my husband; we listen to great podcasts, I do an excellent job on snack-supplying duty, I have oodles of time to do things like knit and chat with my fellow passengers, and I don't have to drive even one-minute of the trip (which is great because Ty is a supremely great driver and me? not so much). THE BEST. It really was such a fun time with my family. I really do love me those Schmidts and the time we get to spend with them. It's just a time of lots and lots of smiling and laughing -- how can you not love that? Excellent holiday achieved!


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