On buying a tree

Ty and I headed out Monday night to get ourselves the perfect Christmas tree for our little condo. I don't know if you understand the implications of what I just said up there, but let me just clarify that in this family Christmas tree selection is no small matter. Ty, being from tree-populated Oregon, accepts no substitutes for perfection in this category.

Ty measured our tree-to-be spot before we headed out and we took the truck for easy transport. And we visited 3 (only 3!) lots before we really did find the ideal tree for our space this year -- a six and a half foot noble fir (they really are the prettiest, don't you think?). For any of you in the Provo-Orem area, McGreens just west the Target in Orem (on the same side of the street) has THE PRETTIEST trees and their prices are not so bad, not so bad at all. "I'm really glad we got this tree" has come out of Ty's mouth at least once since we got it home and decorated. We followed the same protocol for decorating this year as we did last, only no stools were needed. And after decorating was finished, Ty and I had a little celebratory festive dance in front of our tree.


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