Happy weekend

Man. Did this week absolutely fly for you too? I swear, I blinked, and it was over. Well, actually, I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Friday and was sorely disappointed when my awake self took control of my brain and corrected me. But other than that small speed bump, the week literally flew to Friday before I could even say "I'm ready for Saturday." Not being in the office today probably adds to the weekend getting here so fast; I am up the picturesque Provo Canyon for some tubing (company tubing anyone?) and a volleyball tournament for our department retreat. Best. Job. Ever.

Tonight Ty and I are heading to try out a local Cajun restaurant (all sources say it is to die for) and then to our favorite dive movie theater; I don't even know what we are seeing yet. Maybe The Great Gatsby? I just finished reading the book (great language. weird story. maybe I'm not deep enough for books like that and the catcher in the rye.), so I now allow myself to see the movie. It's always better in that order. Book then movie. What about you guys? Do you always read the book before seeing the movie? Are you doing anything fun? Hope so. Carpe weekend, that's what I say. Here are some links to look at and listen to before you head out.

Are these two on repeat at anyone else's house?
Catpchas have a cause. Did you know?
Top secret swimming holes around North America.
I love how pretty this shopping site is; organization by color.
For the Californian in all of us.
I can't imagine a more perfect place to wake up.


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