Back to civilization with a camping tip

Well here I am. Showered, rested, and my hair no longer smells like smoke (winning!). And. Can I tell you something? Waking up next to 10 sleepy girls in a cabin in the mountains, with their half-hung eye lids but bright little minds is now my idea of a good time. Call me crazy, but girls camp is fun! Super, duper fun. And I come home bearing a helpful camping tip for you. You'll never guess what it is. It's one little word...

Socks. No really, socks. Like in the picture up there (Hank's paw photo bomb is killing me a little bit with adorableness, for the record). Also for the record, I typically am not a socks wearer. Like, at all. But the packing list called for them, so into the bag they went. And it was a saving grace, I tell you. Come the end of each day at camp, I would pull off my shoes and socks and I would have almost spotless little feet staring back at me. Huzzah! No dirt between my toes. No speckled digits. No dust to be spread everywhere. Just clean little soldiers that I could confidently slip into my sleeping bag without having to make a special feet-cleaning trip to the showers before bed. And, let me tell you, after late night s'mores making, not having to make those trips was like having my own little celebratory party every night as my clean toeses skipped into bed. And so I, my pajamas, and my sleeping bag hereby pledge we will forever be a socked camper from now on. Pinky promise.

In other news, camp successes also included getting that hair wrap I was hoping for, sleeping in one of the mornings while the other leaders headed the breakfast making (bless you, Christina), and having not just one but TWO secret sisters leaving me gifts on my pillow each day. What a lucky duck.

PS -- Sorry for the lack of pictures of tweens and me clothed in a Superman shirt. Someone forgot to bring her camera to camp. Whoops.


Julie said...

That superman shirt WAS pretty awesome. :)

Amy Lee Scott said...

Welcome back from the wilds of Girl's Camp! You are a total and complete rock star. And yes, socks are a must. What a great tip for future camping trips :)

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