When your best friend moves to Michigan

My best friend Katy is moving to Michigan. And if you think her husband going to grad school is a good reason (and a good idea) you might support this move. But I'm just. not. sure. Jokes jokes, but seriously. In any case, when your best friend is moving to Michigan, a lot of things happen. Approximately 98% of them are sad (that's a certifiable statistic right there), but there are a few good things that come along with it too. Namely #1: the opportunity to allow distance to make the heart grow fonder, #2: an excuse to travel more, and #3: a last ditch effort to do as many fun things together as possible before The Great Goodbye comes. Katy and I have taken to calling her moving "the event which should not be named." But sadly, it is coming. And it is coming soon. So we have been doing a fair amount of things together as of late.

This morning we both woke up at 5:30 a.m. (you read that right) to meet at the mouth of Rock Canyon for a few hours of climbing before starting work. The canyon was quiet, serene and just getting light when we arrived. Hello beautiful morning, right? We hiked to the absolute best spot. We climbed a few great climbs. Hank kept his little paws off the rope, thank you very much. And it went down as quite the respectable morning in my book. Sadly I failed to capture it on my camera (stop leaving your camera in the car, Nicki), so instead I posted some pics up there of an evening hike we managed to squeeze in last week. And I like to think they are case in point of all the extra goodness going on as of late. We hiked to some falls that were new to both of us, which was awesome but also seemed to beg the question "How many things in Utah have we not done together?" Sigh. All this moving business can really get a girl thinking that there should have been much more adventuring going on the last 4 years. But, to be realistic Utah is kind of big to all be explored in 4 years anyway. So, let's just thank the heavens that there things in this world like vacation time and airplanes and girl trips.


Amy Lee Scott said...

You guys are so awesome!! And that is so sad Katy is moving (though I will happily take her here in Michigan :)

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