Happy weekend

Friends! Friday is here! Good Friday, nonetheless. I hope you all have some great Easter plans. Ty has finals starting today, with one scheduled for tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. (is that not the weirdest, most unfortunate time for a final? I'm so glad I'm done with school.) So good luck to Ty! I'm hoping to do some Easter Sunday prep and to put together a decent Easter meal, because by golly that's what a wife should do. Well, at least a wife of a food-loving husband like my husband. Who will have been taking finals for 2 days when Easter rolls around.

Here are some links to start it all off.

The human experience in 60 photos.
33 breathtaking places to visit.
Mother's day cards. Snagged this one for my sweet mama.
The Street Shop. Such a cool idea to help clothe the homeless.
What a cute summer look.
Oh my cuteness.


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