{ Mixed on the reSPECTOR: 55/45 }

I went to a Regina Spektor concert in the Venue when she came to Salt Lake last month, and I don't think I've ever been so mixed feeling-ed at a show before. Musicality: AMAZING. Voice: BEAUTIFUL. Piano: BRILLIANT ans FLAWLESS. Stage Presence: COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING. Content of songs: At times, WONDERFUL...at others, just plain shoddy. It was weird to listen to some of her lyrics and subject matter and think "Ya -- this woman's got it together. I totally agree," then at other times think "How crude and needlessly juvenile." Not that I'm better or anything, but it was just interesting in and of itself to be so torn regarding one person's music. Overall I would say I liked it 55%.

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Jena said...

NICOLE PAIGE this is not fair do you KNOW how bad I want to see her and how much I love her?!

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