{ Sudden Impact }

(This is not the actual truck -- it's just to aid in visualzation)

So...yesterday, my friend Dave and I went for a 22 mile (road) bike ride. Towards the end of our ride, we were on the home stretch, cruising down 900 east in Provo at about 25 miles an hour. I had just passed the BYU creamery when I realized that a truck in front of me was making a right into the BYU law library. I quickly started to slow down, which in turn quickly caused my back tire to start skidding out, and I realized there was no way I was coming to a stop before I got to that truck. Then SMACK! I had sped right past Dave (who had effectively stopped) and abruptly clobbered into the back end of the truck. I took the brunt of the blow in my left shoulder, and surprisingly (and gratefully) left the accident with no more than a sore shoulder and a small bruise on my right knee. Holy cow! My bike even sustained no injuries -- I rode it home. It was seriously a miracle.

When I got to work this morning and told all my coworkers about the accident, they started telling me all these gnarley stories about friends and family members skidding out and losing skin and flipping over cars and stuff while biking. Sick. Let me just tell you, I feel like one lucky cookie right about now. Lesson learned. No more speeding down ninth east. And no more running into cars.


MegRuth said...

Ahhh! Nicki six!!

No running into anything!

I love you!

Megan said...

Nicole! I'm so glad you're all right! Running into cars is NOT a good idea. But props for the 22 mile bike ride. That's cool! You would LOVE living in Park City! :) Think about it, huh?

Club Narwhal said...

AHH! i'm so glad you are ok!!!!!! loves!

Katy said...

be careful! no killing yourself on bicycles (as if i'm one to talk) ... i need a roommate in the fall. muwah!

Sarah H. said...

Found your blog on Megan's. Hope it's okay to comment. Paul's brothers can tell you that cars and bikes done't mix well. Give Paul your email and we'll invite to our blog if you want. Chau, babe!

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