{ Kates returns! }

After a 3-year absence, Kates has returned! And I am the happiest Nicki Schmidt on the planet. Katy lived with me, here in Utah, 3 years ago, then subsequently moved back to California after she graduated. I have been trying to convince her to come back ever since, and it finally worked. She's here to go to massage school for the next 7 months, but I'm going to pretend she came back just to play with me and take full advantage of the situation. Here's to months of longboarding, bike riding and snowboarding adventure!


Club Narwhal said...

YAHOO!!!!!!! i am so jealous :)

Katy said...

Wahoo! I'm not going to lie, you are definitely a major factor in my decision to move back. MAJOR - do you hear me? Taking full advantage of this play time is of utmost priority! Unfortunately, McAfee must think we are way too attractive in that picture you posted, because its blocking me from seeing it. Stupid McAfee.

The Lindsay Family said...

I am pretty stocked that katy is only a 4 hour drive from me, yeah i know that is still a long drive but I was able to subtract 12 from the original drive. but still I hardly ever drive to Utah any more and with winter come, the roads will be getting icy. Look at me I like doom and gloom. sorry, I love you Nicki and I love Katy, I will come visit both of you some time.

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